The seventh edition of Phe Festival will be held on August 19 and 20, 2022

The seventh edition of Phe Festival will be held on August 19 and 20, 2022

With the commitment to offer a safe cultural experience, Phe Festival will return on August 19 and 20, 2022 to Puerto de la Cruz with a program that will again combine live music with fresh and unique proposals to reconnect audiences. The festival says goodbye to a unique edition, the second marked by the new context, once again consolidating itself as one of the most outstanding cultural and social events in the Canary Islands.

Thus, Phe faces its next edition with expectations fulfilled and in a collective effort that contributes to revitalize the image of Puerto de la Cruz, a model municipality in the development and promotion of the island's cultural and creative fabric, as a safe environment and attractive destination. "From the City Council we want to thank everyone for the exercise of responsibility to say clearly that with work, effort and conviction, Culture is Safe and Phe Festival has been, once again, an example", he indicates to the regarding the mayor and head of Culture, Marco González. “In addition, culture is a value in itself because of what it means in these difficult times for so many people. And it is also a key factor in the reactivation of all sectors of the municipality, which has experienced a week full of activities, including sports, and which has led to significant economic revitalization so that Puerto de la Cruz continues to be a model of recovery for the rest of the destinations of the islands”.

With the dates announced for 2022, Phe Festival is now facing its seventh edition, reaffirming its commitment to turning Puerto de la Cruz into a benchmark for live music. To do this, it has put up for sale online through its website and the platform a first edition of fertilizers at a promotional price

Commitment to culture

The days of live concerts on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 August have once again become the main theme of this summer experience that brought together 1,500 people per day in the 11,000-square-meter stable venue located on the esplanade of the Puerto de the cross, and what was adapted to the health prevention and safety measures required by the regulations.

The public at Phe has not only been able to enjoy the emotion of live music with a line-up that brought together names such as Anne Tijoux, Zahara, Bizarre Love Triangle, Rigoberta Bandini, Rufus T. Firefly, A lot, Biznaga, Women, _june, jack bison, Mel Ömana and Pat Llombet –with We Are Trash and The Groove Brothers as resident DJ– but also a set of parallel activities for the enjoyment, participation and motivation of all the residents and visitors of the municipality. Urban sports, yoga and contemporary art have integrated the festival's program which, once again this year, has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable practices. In this way, those attending the urban competitions and workshops on Aqualia Phe Sports, as well as the participants in the different practices of Phe Yoga, in addition to Phe Gallery, the collective exhibition installed at the Castillo de San Felipe Cultural Space since the end of July, has brought together hundreds of attendees in this sixth edition that recovers the spirit of the summer festival that characterizes it.

As was done in 2020, Phe Festival has been held again adapting its organization and structure to the new context, all the activities have been carried out with an exhaustive security protocol for the public, artists and the team involved in the organization. All this without neglecting the values and commitments acquired by the event since its inception, a result that would not have been possible without the involvement of the Puerto de la Cruz City Council, and also that of institutions, sponsors and collaborators, whose support has been essential for the growth and development of this sixth edition. The festival wants to thank the public for their support and exemplary behaviour, as well as the Puerto Rican citizenship the welcome that it offers every year, especially to the local fellow, about 30 hotel and restaurant establishments in the region that in this edition have joined the Phe leisure proposal, a true reflection of the collaborative model of cultural management and citizen participation that characterizes Puerto de la Cruz.

"We continue to add from the City Council now with the launch of the second line of aid after joint work with associations and the rest of the political groups, -adds the mayor Marco González- this Monday the term of the new call opens, for thank and complete the extraordinary pulse shown by our city and its small and medium-sized businesses, to which the reopening of hotels and new commercial premises continues to be added, with what this means for employment and to continue generating wealth not only for our municipality but for the north of the island”.

Phe Festival It is organized by Phenomenal and Imoa Productions with the promotion of the Puerto de la Cruz City Council. It also has the sponsorship of the Government of the Canary Islands through the Canarian Institute of Cultural Development and the General Directorate of Youth, as well as the Cabildo de Tenerife. Notable collaborators and sponsors include Aqualia, Hyundai, Mapfre, Heineken, Red Bull, Coca Cola, EcoBB, Hemispheria, Ecoembes, Ecovidrio, Tenerife + Sustainable, Red Cross, Labrador, Atypicap, Green Zone, The Collective Way, Radio 3 , Cine Yelmo, Gente Radio, Lagenda and Tenerife News.

Phe people, stylish people

Yes. That beauty is inside, that what is outside is an accessory and that the habit does not make the monk, blabliblu... A precooked speech that is very cool, but let's be honest at least in this: as El Kanka says, we all want to be handsome and beautiful (cantabile) and in Phe FestivalOf course, we have also thought about that.

We want happy people, yes, and we are aware that a t-shirt, a sweatshirt or a cloth bag do not bring happiness but the products that will be on sale in Phe MarketIn addition to being pretty, they absorb tears which is nice. So that you can take a look and think about outfits, here is a preview of the varied offer of the most modern and ephemeral market in the archipelago.

With a permanent base in Puerto de la Cruz, the stand of Quivers takes the surfer spirit beyond sport. The latest trends, tropical prints and the comfort and ease of their clothing and accessories will make you feel like a Robert Kelly Slater in life, even if you haven't picked up a board in your entire life, Hulio.

Urban and sustainable fashion with exclusive designs devised by this group of Canarian artists. Garments made of organic 100% cotton and recycled materials and with a vegan seal. Maximum creativity for nature lovers.

The most irreverent, surreal and sarcastic collages, printed on quality fabrics. Wearing a joke on your shirt is something that almost no one can resist and rumor has it that Nolo's creations have served more than one to cast: if you don't find it funny or don't understand it, it's not there , thanks for participating, keep scratching.

trust, cunt It is a resounding, profound and encouraging affirmation. It is the conquest of the blind trust in you that you deserve. And they are also t-shirts and cloth bags with which to carry the message around the world.

Exclusive and original designs printed with screen printing made by hand, at home, over a slow fire and with a lot of love, in garments of the highest quality and respectful of people and the environment. Sustainable materials, ethical fashion and an enviable enthusiasm.

Canarian brands, handmade clothes, vintage items... Atory will come from Santa Cruz with his best team and the best seller of the store.


We bring to light our old age when the first thing that occurs to us to talk about our own stand is that of "souvenirs, joke items...". If you know what we're talking about, you're one of us. As in previous years, in the Phe Shop We have for you merchandising of the festival and also of some artists. Stop by to take your souvenir, take a look and say hello!


Urban sports take center stage in the 2021 edition of Phe Festival

The sixth edition of Phe Festival strengthens its commitment to urban sports with the launch of Aqualia Phe Sports, a varied catalog of regional and local competitions, exhibitions and workshops in disciplines such as skateboarding, BMX and skating, all of which will be developed on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 August in various spaces in Puerto de la Cruz.

After a year of hiatus forced by the health crisis, the sports aspect of Phe Festival returns and sees its program increased, which complements the two days of live concerts. Thus, those who come to the San Antonio skatepark on Friday the 20th will be able to witness the regional skate and BMX championship. The tests will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the modalities of open skate, BMX pro, skate under 16 and BMK rookie, with prizes valued at more than 3,000 euros. 

Participation in the competition is open to skaters and riders from all over the Canary Islands and, for those residents of other islands who want to get closer to competing Phe Festival, the organization will bear the costs of transfer. Attendance as public is free with limited capacity.

The championships will have the presence of the Madrilenian viki gomez, the best flatlander in Spain, six times world champion, who has an outstanding record of gold medals in different European and world competitions. The rider, who started practicing at the age of 14, will be part of the jury of the championships of Aqualia Phe Sports and will offer an exhibition on Friday the 20th, at 5:00 p.m., at the San Antonio skatepark.

Due to force majeure, the III BMX Aqualia Water Jump, a spectacular display of acrobatic jumps into the sea, already traditional in the Phe Sports program, has been suspended. The organization of the festival will make every effort to recover this proposal for future editions.

Aqualia Phe Sports is developed in accordance with the values promoted by the festival that, beyond the mere exhibition, brings sport closer to the festival audience as well as to the citizens and visitors of Puerto de la Cruz with an outstanding range of experiences, a meeting point that generate sensory dynamics that benefit everyone. In this way, on Saturday the 21st, the celebration is planned at the Manolo Santaella sports center of the longboard workshops dancing & air freestyle by ride2gether, as well as roller dance, basic skating and roller jam, given by Canary Roller Girls. These activities, with free access, will be carried out scrupulously following health recommendations. Attendance at the workshops is free but places are limited as indicated on the website

In its commitment to culture, art and its involvement with the city of Puerto de la Cruz, the creation of a mural will be promoted in the San Antonio skate park by the visual artist Raiber González, which represents a transversal proposal to recover community spaces through cultural actions.

Aqualia Phe Sports is an activity for the development of urban actions of Phe Festival, organized and directed by Phenomenal, Imoa Productions and Island BMX, and has the support of the City Council of Puerto de la Cruz through the Department of Sports, as well as the General Directorate of Youth of the Government of the Canary Islands and the Canarian Foundation of Youth Ideo. Featured partners and sponsors include Red Bull, Aqualia and Vans.

Safety and prevention measures in Phe 2021

The celebration of Phe Festival it is practically a miracle. And yet, in this 2021 that has been a roller coaster, the fundamental motivation to keep going has been our love for music and culture, understood in the most authentic and healthy way.

No one is unaware that prevention regulations greatly restrict mobility and the experience of a festival like this. But the emotion of the live concerts with the great artists who are part of the line-up this year can overcome everything and we are sure to enjoy it, yes, with the utmost responsibility. To do this, at Phe we once again have a Safety and Self-protection Plan that will scrupulously follow the mandatory measures of the health authorities.

So we have to remember, first of all, our cute hashtag that says #EnjoyTheInconvenience.

The concerts of Phe Festival 2021, complying with the terms and conditions of the tickets purchased and alluding to the current situation regarding the pandemic, will take place in a stable enclosure specifically dedicated to this activity on the esplanade of the Puerto de la Cruz pier, where all the people who come will have to remain seated during the performances.

The use of a mask will be mandatory at all times and it is forbidden to access the direct area with food or drink.

Along with the access bracelet, attendees will receive instructions to reserve your seats once you enter the concert venue. The assignment, in this case, will be manual and in order of arrival. Once the location is selected, it cannot be changed during the festival.

The entrance and exit of the premises –adapted to health prevention and safety measures– will be carried out in an orderly and progressive manner, to avoid crowds. The doors open at 6:00 p.m. and the expected closing time is 2:00 a.m. 

After finishing each concert there will be a staggered start. At that time, you can remain in your seat or access the adjacent, independent restaurant area with limited capacity, or leave the venue for the streets of Puerto de la Cruz, to return later and enjoy the following live shows. It is recommended to maintain the current safety distance at all times.

Ph 2021 will have Market/Food zone independent of the concert venue and with controlled capacity. It will be installed next to the direct space and will function as a summer terrace where it will be possible to access the restaurant offer.

The measures that will be applied in this space oblige to consume only while staying at the tables and areas enabled for it. The mask must be worn at all times except when consuming food or drink.

It is also recommended do not wander around the premises more than necessary and circulate in the direction indicated by the signs. 

Payments in bars will be made with the cashless access bracelet that they will receive at the box office When exchanging the subscription and inside the enclosure you will find recharging points where you can pay with card and cash.

It will be available in the premises of Ph 2021 signaling to organize the movement of people in a circular manner, for which there will also be service personnel and adequate information.

In addition, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers will be made available to attendees so that they can use it regularly. There will also be Continuous cleaning and disinfection of the different spaces.

With these conditions, quite reasonable for such an unpromising year, we are aware of the limitations, but also of the enormous demand for subscriptions by many phellowers having such a reduced capacity and the sale suspended for weeks.

If you understand that the current situation does not meet the expectations you had when you bought the subscription, exceptionally, the organization of Phe Festival gives you the opportunity to return it and recover the amount (the refund is always made for each purchase made, not for individual installments).

This return period will remain operational from today Monday 16 to Thursday 19, sending your request through this form: HERE 

From the beginning, and especially this edition, our attitude has been #Effort so that we can all continue enjoying music and culture in the best conditions. And because without your support this would not make sense.

Thanks for having Phe.

We export talent with Phe

The old saying that in some past time a squirrel could cross the Iberian Peninsula from tree to tree without setting foot on the ground could also be applied, saving the distance, to urban sports festivals and competitions, which have more and more popularity.

Obviously, those who practice these sports in the Canary Islands encounter the same problem as if the squirrel in history had been a majorera squirrel: the ocean slightly complicates the feat. Therefore, one of the great attractions of Phe Sports in his latest edition of the world formerly known as normal, it was the possibility of traveling to O Marisquino, one of the great sporting events in Europe, in the city of Vigo, with registration for the competition included. And that's where we were when everything stopped... Everything except the intentions. And it is that O Marisquiño has returned this year with renewed spirits, with the same enthusiasm and, although with the limitations of the moment in which we have had to live, it has maintained the competitive level of previous editions. Thanks to the organization and production work, it was possible to welcome a limited number of spectators safely, although we were able to follow the competitions by streaming.

And as promised is debt, there they were the winners of Phe Sports 2019, direct from Puerto de la Cruz to Vigo. Joel Camacho, Jony Trasher and under 16 Guillermo Camacho were worthy representatives and, in their own words, were able to enjoy an impressive experience who also trust that it can open new doors for the future. Joel Camacho, specifically, achieved an exceptional seventh place in street pro, one of the BMX disciplines, and returns proud of his participation and the result. In mini ramp, the skate modality with the most flow, the spirit of Phe was in the wheels of Jony Trasher, while Guillermo Camacho, only 15 years old, rolled over participants with much more experience. 25th place out of 75 entries is no small thing, huh? And we anticipate that we will count on your participation again this year in Phe Sports, where he has high expectations, something that fills us with hope. Among other things, because in a few years we will be able to say that so modern: “I knew him before he was famous”.

From here we only have thank you again for bringing a little Phe to Galician lands and congratulate you on the results. See you in the Port in a few days!

Phe Yoga expands its offer in the 2021 edition

the encounter Phe Yoga, which will be held in Puerto de la Cruz on August 20 and 21 within the parallel programming of Phe Festival, doubles its offer this year with eight sessions, instead of the four programmed in the previous edition. The meeting will take place on the island of Lago Martiánez, which It will become a meeting and coexistence space for all the participants..

It is a response to the success of the call in 2020 and the commitment of the organization of Phe Festival with the development of transversal activities that complement the purely musical offer. The program takes place in two parallel blocks from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and attendees will be able to choose between different styles whatever their level of practice. The intention is to bring the different disciplines closer to both people who already practice yoga and those who are about to discover this activity for the first time and cultivate both the physical and the spirit at the same time.

Other more heterodox proposals that are combined with dance are incorporated into the traditional practices of breathing, meditation and relaxation, resulting in an ideal combo for those more restless spirits. As an example, the surf + yoga practice that will take place on Friday from 2:00 p.m. In addition, an inversion workshop with feetup, a Thai yoga session, the renewal of Ashtanga yoga and the dynamism of Yoga Dance, will be the showcase for this activity that has recruited so many followers during confinement.

Phe Yoga will culminate on Saturday with a vegan picnic of coexistence among the participants, by The Dog is Hot and 81 Foods, with the intention of prolonging the experience and developing themes related to the spirit of the meeting, such as conscious eating.

In accordance with health recommendations, the number of places is limited and the sessions will be held scrupulously contemplating all current security measures depending on the level of restrictions in which Tenerife is at that time. Even so, the organization recommends, above all, responsibility and caution. Registration for Phe Yoga can be done on the same Phe Festival page or at

Commitment to sustainable development

Phe Yoga is an activity directly related to some of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, with which the organization of Phe Festival is firmly committed. Health and well-being and responsible production and consumption are some of the axes on which to reflect and put into practice during the sessions, although Phe's daily activity can influence up to eleven of the objectives set by the United Nations. Thus, for example, in collaboration with the Sustainable City and Planning Area of Puerto de la Cruz, Ecoembes, Ecovidrio and Tenerife + Sustainable, a Waste Management Plan is carried out that guarantees sustainable consumption and production methods, incorporating a circular economy approach that goes beyond waste management.

In accordance with this line of sustainable action, Phe Festival prioritizes issues such as health and well-being, with a self-protection and occupational risk prevention plan managed in collaboration with the Porto corporation and presented, since the previous edition, in the context of the health crisis derived from COVID-19 and in the that all phases of the event are contemplated.

What's more, Phe Festival commitment to gender equality both in the organization and in programming, with policies and measures that promote gender equality in the cultural and communication sector. In this sense, it tries to go one step further as an organization by dealing with equality, or its lack, in these sectors to detect problematic situations and propose solutions.

Clean water and sanitation, with accessible drinking water and adequate resource management in sanitation and the prioritization of clean energy during the festival are other actions in which Phe Festival is committed to sustainable development. To these actions we must also add those focused on economic growth through the supply of quality work, guaranteeing job security, continuity and access under equal conditions.

Definitely, Phe Festival and the City Council of Puerto de la Cruz work together  in an inclusive, safe and sustainable city project, taking into account criteria such as well-being, justice and social equality.

Phe Yoga is a sustainable development activity of Phe Festival, organized and directed by Phenomenal and Imoa Productions, and has the support of the Puerto de la Cruz City Council through the Department of Culture. Among the outstanding collaborators are BB Agua, Ecoembes, Ecovidrio and Tenerife + Sustainable.

Phe Festival takes you to the movies with a discount

What Ph 2021 it will be a film festival is a fact. And since we love movie emotions, for yet another year we teamed up with Cine Yelmo to promote and facilitate attendance at its Meridiano and La Orotava theaters for all those people who want to enjoy the latest titles on the billboard at a discount.

So every time you go to buy your tickets online on the Yelmo website and app, write the promotional code 901762938564 and you can get them at the price of 5.40 euros. 

Do not think about it. Enter, choose the movie, select the seat and enter the code in the corresponding box and ready to enjoy the best images and sounds on the big screen!


  • The promotion is valid from August 20 to September 5.
  • There is no limit of tickets at promotional price. You can use the code as many times as locations you want.

Phe 2021: back to basics

Time to step forward and that live music Phe Festival ring again in Puerto de la Cruz. Returning to its original venue, the dock esplanade, where attendees will find on August 20 and 21 a complete sound experience to enjoy in the best company and with the utmost responsibility.

We continue day by day with #GanasDeEfuerzo so that we can have a sixth edition of Phe in the best possible conditions. We will adapt our cultural venue to current health regulations, and the event will take place with an exhaustive security protocol for the public, artists and the entire team involved in the organization. Of course, we also have the collaboration –exquisite as always– of all those who will accompany us to inhabit the sunset of Puerto de la Cruz for another year. So the concerts will have to be seen sitting and sitting, as specified in the entry terms and conditions published on our website, making use of the mask and you will not be able to drink or eat in front of the stage

Given that offering a complete festival experience has always been our goal, among the measures we have decided to adopt –waiting for what the evolution of both the regulations and the pandemic brings us– are that of enable an outdoor terrace in an area attached to the concert hall, in which we will have a restaurant area where you can have a drink and access a varied gastronomic offer, along with a small selection of brands that will make up our market. 

If already in 2020 we face one of the most complex editions, this year our commitment remains intact: to demonstrate that cultural shows can be held with guarantees, in such a complicated and uncertain context. And we do it with the conviction that we must continue supporting live music, supporting the tourism sector in the islands and proposing more culture with sustainable attitudes.

We also completed the poster of Ph 2021 with the confirmations of Bizarro Love Triangle, Rufus T. Firefly and Mel Ömana, who will join the concert days of the August 20 and 21 to the great direct of Zahara, Rigoberta Bandini, Anne Tijoux, Women, Biznaga, A lot, jack bison _june or Pat Llombet. The sale of subscriptions and tickets is still stopped, since we have covered the capacity allowed by current regulations.

We continue to give infinite thanks to public which has exceeded our expectations for yet another year with its response to this 2021 edition marked by uncertainty. Of course, at Cross port for their involvement in the project –especially the staff of the Culture Area– to the sponsors, collaborators, agencies, companies, artists and workers who have also felt Phe Festival.

The fourth edition of Phe Gallery opens its doors at the Castillo de San Felipe

The collective exhibition is part of the parallel activities of Phe Festival and brings together the work of 17 artists from the Canarian scene Continue reading «La cuarta edición de Phe Gallery abre sus puertas en el Castillo de San Felipe»

We temporarily stop the sale of subscriptions and tickets for Phe 2021

On Phe Festival We are not oblivious to the uncertainty that has been generated in terms of holding events, especially after the restrictions that have been adopted by the authorities to stop the uptick in infections in recent weeks. Added to this is the uneasiness generated by the lack of definition of a regulated legal framework that allows us to work normally in the 2021 edition of the festival.

In this context, we have been forced to make the complicated decision to stop the sale of subscriptions and tickets since we currently have the capacity allowed by current regulations covered.

We will continue to put all our efforts so that we can live the full Phe experience in the best possible conditions. Like last year, current prevention regulations will be respected, according to the indications of the Government of the Canary Islands, and the event will take place with a security protocol. In this way, to this day it is still mandatory the use of a mask, hydroalcoholic gel, interpersonal safety distance as well as pre-assigned seats.

We will not tire of thanking our public for their unconditional support, Cross port for their involvement in the project –especially the staff of the Culture Area– to the sponsors, collaborators, agencies, companies, artists and workers they feel too Phe Festival. Our commitment to them, as well as to the live music industry, the islands' tourism sector and culture with sustainable attitudes remains intact.

In the meantime, take good care of yourselves.

There's less left to see each other...
…because we still have Phe.


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