Phe's audience stands up to indie music

Phe's audience stands up to indie music

The Puerto de la Cruz music and trends festival renews its spirit on its first day of concerts with the public dancing and without restrictions Continue reading «El público de Phe, en pie ante la música indie»

Phe Festival faces its big days with more than 20 hours of concerts

Independent music will once again be the protagonist in Puerto de la Cruz, with a lineup of artists headed by Los Planetas, Digitalism, Viva Sweden, Maika Makovski and Xoel López Continue reading «Phe Festival afronta sus días grandes con más de 20 horas de conciertos»

Phe Sports consolidates itself as the urban sports event in Tenerife

The regional skate and BMX championships, one of the main attractions of the music and trends festival in Puerto de la Cruz, which also brings back the BMX Aqualia Water Jump Continue reading «Phe Sports se consolida como la cita de los deportes urbanos de Tenerife»

Phe Festival recovers the BMX Aqualia Water Jump jumps in its 2022 edition

The program of urban sports activities is completed with the regional skate and BMK championship that will take place on August 18 at the San Antonio skatepark in Puerto de la Cruz Continue reading «Phe Festival recupera los saltos del BMX Aqualia Water Jump en su edición 2022»

Urban sports take center stage in the 2021 edition of Phe Festival

The sixth edition of Phe Festival strengthens its commitment to urban sports with the launch of Aqualia Phe Sports, a varied catalog of regional and local competitions, exhibitions and workshops in disciplines such as skateboarding, BMX and skating, all of which will be developed on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 August in various spaces in Puerto de la Cruz.

After a year of hiatus forced by the health crisis, the sports aspect of Phe Festival returns and sees its program increased, which complements the two days of live concerts. Thus, those who come to the San Antonio skatepark on Friday the 20th will be able to witness the regional skate and BMX championship. The tests will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the modalities of open skate, BMX pro, skate under 16 and BMK rookie, with prizes valued at more than 3,000 euros. 

Participation in the competition is open to skaters and riders from all over the Canary Islands and, for those residents of other islands who want to get closer to competing Phe Festival, the organization will bear the costs of transfer. Attendance as public is free with limited capacity.

The championships will have the presence of the Madrilenian viki gomez, the best flatlander in Spain, six times world champion, who has an outstanding record of gold medals in different European and world competitions. The rider, who started practicing at the age of 14, will be part of the jury of the championships of Aqualia Phe Sports and will offer an exhibition on Friday the 20th, at 5:00 p.m., at the San Antonio skatepark.

Due to force majeure, the III BMX Aqualia Water Jump, a spectacular display of acrobatic jumps into the sea, already traditional in the Phe Sports program, has been suspended. The organization of the festival will make every effort to recover this proposal for future editions.

Aqualia Phe Sports is developed in accordance with the values promoted by the festival that, beyond the mere exhibition, brings sport closer to the festival audience as well as to the citizens and visitors of Puerto de la Cruz with an outstanding range of experiences, a meeting point that generate sensory dynamics that benefit everyone. In this way, on Saturday the 21st, the celebration is planned at the Manolo Santaella sports center of the longboard workshops dancing & air freestyle by ride2gether, as well as roller dance, basic skating and roller jam, given by Canary Roller Girls. These activities, with free access, will be carried out scrupulously following health recommendations. Attendance at the workshops is free but places are limited as indicated on the website

In its commitment to culture, art and its involvement with the city of Puerto de la Cruz, the creation of a mural will be promoted in the San Antonio skate park by the visual artist Raiber González, which represents a transversal proposal to recover community spaces through cultural actions.

Aqualia Phe Sports is an activity for the development of urban actions of Phe Festival, organized and directed by Phenomenal, Imoa Productions and Island BMX, and has the support of the City Council of Puerto de la Cruz through the Department of Sports, as well as the General Directorate of Youth of the Government of the Canary Islands and the Canarian Foundation of Youth Ideo. Featured partners and sponsors include Red Bull, Aqualia and Vans.

We export talent with Phe

The old saying that in some past time a squirrel could cross the Iberian Peninsula from tree to tree without setting foot on the ground could also be applied, saving the distance, to urban sports festivals and competitions, which have more and more popularity.

Obviously, those who practice these sports in the Canary Islands encounter the same problem as if the squirrel in history had been a majorera squirrel: the ocean slightly complicates the feat. Therefore, one of the great attractions of Phe Sports in his latest edition of the world formerly known as normal, it was the possibility of traveling to O Marisquino, one of the great sporting events in Europe, in the city of Vigo, with registration for the competition included. And that's where we were when everything stopped... Everything except the intentions. And it is that O Marisquiño has returned this year with renewed spirits, with the same enthusiasm and, although with the limitations of the moment in which we have had to live, it has maintained the competitive level of previous editions. Thanks to the organization and production work, it was possible to welcome a limited number of spectators safely, although we were able to follow the competitions by streaming.

And as promised is debt, there they were the winners of Phe Sports 2019, direct from Puerto de la Cruz to Vigo. Joel Camacho, Jony Trasher and under 16 Guillermo Camacho were worthy representatives and, in their own words, were able to enjoy an impressive experience who also trust that it can open new doors for the future. Joel Camacho, specifically, achieved an exceptional seventh place in street pro, one of the BMX disciplines, and returns proud of his participation and the result. In mini ramp, the skate modality with the most flow, the spirit of Phe was in the wheels of Jony Trasher, while Guillermo Camacho, only 15 years old, rolled over participants with much more experience. 25th place out of 75 entries is no small thing, huh? And we anticipate that we will count on your participation again this year in Phe Sports, where he has high expectations, something that fills us with hope. Among other things, because in a few years we will be able to say that so modern: “I knew him before he was famous”.

From here we only have thank you again for bringing a little Phe to Galician lands and congratulate you on the results. See you in the Port in a few days!


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