Crowdmerchan: building a happy community

Crowdmerchan: building a happy community

There are things that do not fail in the festival universe, promotional and organizational actions common here and in China. From the bracelet more cool or the t-shirt with the logo we all collect them as a memory of the moments lived up to the VIP area. In Phe Festival we have one thing clear, we owe ourselves to the public that supports us and the environment that welcomes us, because they are the ones who will make it possible for our project to continue and grow in future editions. That is why we want to be different and this year instead of betting on a merchandise to use, we launch a new concept that we call “crowdmerchan”.

With this word we are being very pretentious, yes. First of all, fantasizing about what we would like it to be Phe Festival on next editions, and then inventing (or not) an alternative way to promote and crowdfund the festival merging crowdfunding and merchandise. So the contributions received will be used so that we can put our happy grain of sand in the cultural offer of Cross port and Tenerife, in this and future editions.

we believe in make community and in that all the people who enthusiastically welcome our festival proposal are thereby expressing their commitment to the project. What does it mean? Well, by participating in our #crowdmerchan you are not only getting one of our keychains, t-shirts, eco bags, sweatshirts or cool backpacks to look the best outfits urban at any time, but you also become a illustrious patron of Phe.

We are sure that you will love our Crowd-Phe Cooperative, phenomenal packs to live and share a unique experience.

Ph is different, you make the difference.

The Phe Festival amenities, the latest in trends

Phe Festival This 2016 is presented as the launch or a sample of the event that we would like to have in Tenerife: an open proposal for everyone in which music, DIY, active reflection, creativity come together... with the aim of offering an ideal plan for a perfect end week of vacation in Cross port. So the next 6th August, in addition to offering a first-class poster with Cycle, Of faith,The Red Room, Belako, Red Beard and Kostrok, we have in the enclosure installed in the esplanade of the wharf with amenities, a series of fun activities and cool.

In addition to the gastronomic space, with a corridor where the food trucks and several trending culinary proposals, from six in the afternoon, as soon as the venue opens, you can enjoy the Show prepared by Eternal Barber Girls, one of the amenities provided by Phe Festival and among which you will also find Carlos Montesdeoca Hair and Makeup Studio and his team preparing total looks super festival-goers, while Aguere Music Store will bring us a selection of second-hand vinyl.


Eternal barber

We found María Hernández Javier, Gara Méndez García and Rossana Méndez Coello in Eternal Barber Girls, a team of professionals who have come together to join forces with the barbershop guild and make the trade a lifestyle. Each of them will make a live cut at Phe Festival showing the techniques, materials and designs that are usually made in a salon. And if any anime wants to try and there is time, the cut will be made on the fly. It will be like a brush!

WhatsApp Image 2016-07-27 at 15.54.36We are sure that Aguere Music Store will succeed in Phe Festival. Created from the union between the Aguere Cultural Space of La Laguna and the label and publisher The 80s take their toll, this space is for lovers of vinyl and record culture. They are committed to creating a physical space where a community can gather around music, but in a different way to how they have been doing it with their respective activities in the last decade. They will bring to the venue “enough second-hand vinyl records to satisfy your appetite”.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-02 at 10.28.44

Carlos Montesdeoca is a studio dedicated to beauty and more specifically to hairdressing and makeup for more than two decades. Trend and fashion is her job and her passion.

Phe Store


These proposals will be accompanied by the store Phe Festival, where you can get our cool t-shirts as well as a varied sale of t-shirts and sweatshirts designed for the occasion and exclusively by CAMALEONI-K in limited edition. In addition, you will be able to see live the silkscreen work performing Don't Panic that will put the line-up of our festival on your shirt if you want. To the letter!

Photocall Phe

Do you remember our happy stand of Mueca? In one of the corners of the concert venue, you will have your space Phe's photo call (customized photo booth) so you can have a fun time between groups and immortalize the moments shared with your friends, your partner...


There you can also find charging stations Yup!Charge so you can recharge your mobile battery in the shortest time possible and don't miss out on recording your favorite group or sharing the best images of the night on your social profiles.

Many surprises await you this August 6 in Puerto de la Cuz. Do not miss it!

Get a subscription for #Phe2017 at the launch price


There are a few months left, we know, but surely you have already mentally organized your vacation plan in Phe Festival: where to stay, how to get there and what to pack. And the fertilizer? You already have it?

The second week of August, you will share in Cross port unique moments with the best in music, trends, culture, cinema, gastronomy and innovation.

We want to join the best summer of your life and make it unrepeatable in one of the most magical corners of the island, by the sea, listening to the live shows of Miss Caffeine, yall, Bizarre Love Triangle, Em DJ, WAS, Siloam, Belop, Papaya, The Vinegars,The Good Company, The Taxman… What more could you want?

As we know that you like to be proactive and want to get the best price so you don't miss out, we'll quickly and easily tell you the steps to get a season ticket at the launch price: 30 euros for two days of live streaming. Aim well!

  1. Enter the section TICKETS of our website where you will find all the phenomenal products of our Online store.
  2. Click on the image on the top left PHE MUSIC SUBSCRIPTION – 1 PHASE.
  3. Choose the number of tickets you want to buy (up to a maximum of 10) and add to cart.
  4. Then go to See small car, in the green box at the top right.
  5. click on acmake a purchase and finalize the purchase with the special price. You already have your subscription!

Important! If during the purchase of the subscription you give the social button of "Share",  We pay you the bank management fees! You just have to remember to click during the ordering process (in steps 3 and 4). The system will recognize that you have done the social sharing and discount will apply automatically.

And if you also want to be the best ambassador of Phe Festival and have a memory of the great moments lived, you can get the Good Vibes Pack with the subscription, the glasses more cool, the eco bag, a cool keychain and the t-shirt with the logo for only 50 euros. Long live festival glamour!

Remember that you can also get your seats online on the platforms and If you are still thinking about it, we warn you that there is price change in may. Do not sleep!

In case you can't enjoy the two days of concert, don't despair! Once we announce the latest confirmations in the second half of April, you can buy the entry for days also at reduced price, others subscription packs and lots surprises to make your experience happy. Are you ready?


Take advantage of the Phe merchandising promo


After the festival that we experienced last year, sharing great moments with a smile from ear to ear, we want you to have a good memory. And what better than the merchandise from Phe Festival! Get some of our products from our Online store and you will have a 5% discount if you do a social share.

Now that message garments are taking over the streets after conquering the catwalk, why not wear the Phe brand proud? We have many types: Tshirts, eco bag, keychains, glasses for look the best look festivalgoer on any worthwhile occasion.

You just have to select the one you like best, choose size and color and click on "Share" and you will get your happy discount! The system will recognize that you have done the social sharing and discount will apply automatically. Oh and the shipping costs are free! throughout the Canary Islands.

You already know that we are very make community, and we love that all the people who enthusiastically welcome our festival proposal express their involvement with the project. Long live the ambassadors!

Remember that in our Online store you will also find the phenomenal Good Vibes Pack, with which you can make with the fertilizer, the glasses more cool, the eco bag, a cool keychain and the t-shirt with the logo ¡only for 50 euros! And we pay you the bank management fees if you click on the social button during the purchase process… Are you stills thinking?

We reveal that we are already in creative kitchens preparing the this year's merchandise and that will soon also be in our online store so you can get hold of it. All done with a lot of love.

But if you feel like doing it yourself, Phe Market we will have a DIY stand where you can customize your own garments with the family with serigraphy, customization or t-shirt cutting workshops...

We owe ourselves to the public that supports us and makes it possible #Phe2017, so we want you to also be part of this adventure in Cross port.

All this and much more you will find this year in Phe Festival. Little by little we will be raffling products from the merchandise in our social networks and announcing new packages to share the best festival experience. Stay tuned for news!


Trends take over Phe Market

Can you imagine a festival that, in addition to two days of direct shows, offered a fair of trends, art, culture, fashion and new technologies for the whole family to enjoy? That is what we want to offer you this summer in Cross port with Phe Market the days August 10, 11 and 12 a perfect vacation plan!

yes, in Phe Festival also we bet on daytime leisure so that the memory of your experience with us is the most complete. And it is that if we have something clear it is that the public that supports us and the environment that welcomes us They are the ones who will make it possible for our project to continue and grow year after year.

For this reason we are clear that the heart of Phe Festival is our Market: a outdoor trends fair, next to the sea, with a gastronomic terrace, exhibitors, a good atmosphere, a walkway, music, a rest area and a children's area. all this with the personal touch of our brand identity with which we want to make you feel at home and enjoy great moments. How we like to pamper you!

Fashion products made in Spain, beauty, independent brands, accessories, jewelry and beads are what you will find in Phe Market. But also decoration, art, photography, design, new technologies, gadgets, own merchandising, sponsors and artists as well as stands where you can practice DIY, in a lively atmosphere full of life and fun.

How could it be otherwise, in this phenomenal fair we bet on the new creators of emerging projects. How? The young promises not only will they have a specific installation on the premises to exhibit their ideas and work, but they will also be able to show their entrepreneurial initiative or creation in a three-minute presentation at the market catwalk.

To regain strength, you will have in Phe Market a varied gastronomic offer prepared at the moment and to take away, from the most traditional to the trendiest proposals, with local products and vegetarian menus, as well as juices, soft drinks, beers, wines, cocktails... yum, yum! In addition, you will have at your disposal picnic areas and islands of rest where to disconnect, relax and enjoy the feast.

If there is something clear to us, it is in our pact with the sustainability. For this reason, the entire organizational structure of the festival is articulated in the promotion of good practices of social and environmental commitment, materialized in  with the complicity of all attendees. Help us reduce our carbon footprint!

Imagine it: the Atlantic breeze, a special space, full of light and creativity, in a city devoted to culture, friends, a good atmosphere and you living an unforgettable moment.

So mark it in red On the list of things to do this summer: #Phe2017.

The call to register for Phe Market is now open. All requests received will be carefully studied to assess the quality of the projects and their suitability for the festival. Click here if you want to be part of our trends fair.

Music and sustainable trends star in Phe 2018

The festival offers a wide experience of activities from August 23 to 25 Continue reading «Música y tendencias sostenibles protagonizan Phe 2018»

Phe Festival faces its big days with more than 20 hours of concerts

Independent music will once again be the protagonist in Puerto de la Cruz, with a lineup of artists headed by Los Planetas, Digitalism, Viva Sweden, Maika Makovski and Xoel López Continue reading «Phe Festival afronta sus días grandes con más de 20 horas de conciertos»

The pride of being Phe lover

On Phe Festival we are very aware of the value of our community. We feel loved and that is something that not everyone can say. The loyalty of the public that accompanies us year after year and that feeling of belonging to a family – a little unstructured, okay, multinuclear, not very traditional… but we can discuss that at another time – is one of the foods of our little heart.

Maybe you wonder what this emotional and even a little cheesy speech is all about and you do well, so here we go: we have to talk. Neither you nor we are what is said to be normal beings, nor do we need to, but since we all have our contradictions and have learned to live with them, and sincerity is the basis of a healthy relationship, we believe that it is fair to transfer one of our concerns: Why don't we make our thing official? Do we make it public? Be proud of Phe, as Phe is proud of you! A touch of merchandise does not commit anything, and this year we have incorporated some novelties for that of renewing or dying and also, why deny it, for giving a little point of originality to the thing. Long live the character!

T shirt

The classic for any event, group, claim or town hardware store. A t-shirt is the first step to declare your intentions and to show the world your likes and dislikes. Ours, of course, displays the entire luxury poster of this edition on the back.

Hat and cap

At Phe, in addition to you, we are committed to the city that welcomes us, Puerto de la Cruz. Did you think it was a monogamous relationship? When we met I told you that I was a party animal... That's why we thought that a fisherman's hat is the ideal garment that can square this love triangle: current, modern and perfect to feel like one of this city of seafarers.

Cork belt bag

You don't know you need it yet, but yes. The cork belt bag will soon become a classic at seaside festivals. In addition to this highly aesthetic design
Do you know that the cork floats? We do not want to venture anything, but if for whatever reason it ends up in the waters of the Atlantic, your belongings will be safe. Of the liquids that inevitably end up splashing on you at any party, too.


Our relationship is lasting, we know that your love is not a weather vane, that it comes and goes according to the wind. We do not want to be a summer love, but all year round. And, as La Jurado sang, “winter is coming, even if you don't want it”. A sweatshirt to remind us during the cold months? Why not.


With this we hope that you start thinking about it, but you should know that at our merchandising stand there will be some more surprises and, of course, the usual classics: mugs, basic t-shirts, badges, etc. while supplies last, so don't worry.

May our relationship not fall into monotony!

*You can buy the Phe Festival merchandise at the box office installed next to the concert venue, on the esplanade of the pier, from Saturday, August 13, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. As of Sunday the 14th, the hours will be from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., except on Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th, which will be uninterrupted from 11:00 a.m.

Phe people, stylish people

Yes. That beauty is inside, that what is outside is an accessory and that the habit does not make the monk, blabliblu... A precooked speech that is very cool, but let's be honest at least in this: as El Kanka says, we all want to be handsome and beautiful (cantabile) and in Phe FestivalOf course, we have also thought about that.

We want happy people, yes, and we are aware that a t-shirt, a sweatshirt or a cloth bag do not bring happiness but the products that will be on sale in Phe MarketIn addition to being pretty, they absorb tears which is nice. So that you can take a look and think about outfits, here is a preview of the varied offer of the most modern and ephemeral market in the archipelago.

With a permanent base in Puerto de la Cruz, the stand of Quivers takes the surfer spirit beyond sport. The latest trends, tropical prints and the comfort and ease of their clothing and accessories will make you feel like a Robert Kelly Slater in life, even if you haven't picked up a board in your entire life, Hulio.

Urban and sustainable fashion with exclusive designs devised by this group of Canarian artists. Garments made of organic 100% cotton and recycled materials and with a vegan seal. Maximum creativity for nature lovers.

The most irreverent, surreal and sarcastic collages, printed on quality fabrics. Wearing a joke on your shirt is something that almost no one can resist and rumor has it that Nolo's creations have served more than one to cast: if you don't find it funny or don't understand it, it's not there , thanks for participating, keep scratching.

trust, cunt It is a resounding, profound and encouraging affirmation. It is the conquest of the blind trust in you that you deserve. And they are also t-shirts and cloth bags with which to carry the message around the world.

Exclusive and original designs printed with screen printing made by hand, at home, over a slow fire and with a lot of love, in garments of the highest quality and respectful of people and the environment. Sustainable materials, ethical fashion and an enviable enthusiasm.

Canarian brands, handmade clothes, vintage items... Atory will come from Santa Cruz with his best team and the best seller of the store.


We bring to light our old age when the first thing that occurs to us to talk about our own stand is that of "souvenirs, joke items...". If you know what we're talking about, you're one of us. As in previous years, in the Phe Shop We have for you merchandising of the festival and also of some artists. Stop by to take your souvenir, take a look and say hello!



As you know, our colleague ‘plug-in’ translator isn’t perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.