Phe Festival 2018 opens with a collective exhibition

Phe Festival 2018 opens with a collective exhibition

The Puerto de la Cruz festival opens next Friday, August 3 at the Cultural Space Castle, an exhibition with 18 emerging Canarian artists Continue reading «Phe Festival 2018 se estrena con una exposición colectiva»

Phe Gallery, Canarian art makes its way

Ph 2018 reinforces its commitment to local creativity by bringing together the work of 18 emerging Canarian artists in a collective exhibition. Phe Gallery will be open to the public Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. until September 5 at the Cultural Space Castle.


Continue reading «Phe Gallery, el arte canario se abre paso»

Music and festive atmosphere for the inauguration of Phe Gallery

The collective exhibition kicks off the cultural activities that are part of the Phe Festival 2018 program Continue reading «Música y ambiente festivo para la inauguración de Phe Gallery»

Phe Gallery returns with the best Canarian contemporary art!

Go back to Cross port the sample dedicated to the most current art that is exhibited through the most varied formats, Phe Gallery. As a relaxed approach to creativity, innovation and culture, Phe Festival invites you to participate in this call and be part of the programming of the 2019 edition.

If you are an emerging artist and you live in the Canary Islands, you cannot miss the opportunity to be at the festival that sets the trend.  Painting, sculpture, graffiti, installations, photography, illustration, video art, performance... all techniques are valid in this call, especially those that give prominence to the urban and social.

Curated by Alex Letto, there will be around 20 proposals selected to be part of the exhibition that the Castillo San Felipe Cultural Space will take from the beginning of August with the most groundbreaking and avant-garde artistic creations on the island scene.

Don't let so much emotion cloud you! The call has been open since last April. So don't forget to send us your proposal with your personal data to

On Phe Festival we propose discover fresh and unique proposals to share collectively. We provide the space for dialogue, the platform that generates artistic and social actions to bring cultural innovation closer to all audiences. You provide the talent.

Meet the artists of the second edition of Phe Gallery

The Canarian creative scene is increasingly effervescent. And in Phe Festival We celebrate talent with Phe Gallery, a platform for disseminating the most up-to-date art that this year celebrates its second edition with the work of 18 artists from the Islands, including well-known names as emerging creators.

We can find painting works by Cristóbal Tabares, Fernando Miñarro, Carmen Clogon, Greta Chicheri, Lía Ateca, Mariana Palomino, Pablo Falcón or Left Martínez; installations by artists such as Adassa Santana, Yosi Negrín, Laura Herranz & Óscar Latuag and Ducttape; or the sculpture of Dion Blake (sculpture/installation), Juan Carlos Batista and Ohiane de Felipe; in addition to the photographic work of Lucía Bellini & Magali Brincat, Ian Paulo Cazorla and Seigar.

The scenario chosen for the exhibition will once again be the San Felipe Castle Cultural Space from its inauguration on August 2 to the 24, with the curatorship of Alex Letto.

Whether you are a regular public in galleries or if you are one of those who does not frequent exhibitions, in Phe Gallery you will be able to approach creativity, innovation and culture in a relaxed way.

As in previous editions, Phe Festival wants to show its involvement with the local creative community, developing a proposal that increases the experience of its enjoyment and involvement with its public, with culture as an accelerator of the sustainable development of Puerto de la Cruz.

The Phe Gallery exhibition opens the fourth edition of the music and trends festival in Puerto de la Cruz

The collective exhibition opens on Friday, August 2, at 9:00 p.m., with the work of 18 artists from the current Canarian scene Continue reading «La exposición Phe Gallery estrena la cuarta edición del festival de música y tendencias en Puerto de la Cruz»

18 artists from the current Canarian scene inaugurate the Phe Festival 2019 program in a collective exhibition

Art, music and creativity go hand in hand at the premiere of Phe Gallery, which will take place this Friday, August 2 at the Castillo San Felipe Continue reading «18 artistas de la escena canaria actual inauguran en una muestra colectiva el programa de Phe Festival 2019»

Phe Gallery 2020 will feature 17 artistic proposals from the current Canarian scene

The collective exhibition, integrated into the programming of the fifth edition of Phe Festival, can be visited from August 7 to 29 at the Castillo San Felipe Cultural Space Continue reading «Phe Gallery 2020 contará con 17 propuestas artísticas de la escena canaria actual»

The third edition of Phe Gallery opens on Friday, August 7 with the work of 21 creators from the Canary Islands

The collective exhibition, which is exhibited at the Castillo San Felipe Cultural Space, premieres the Phe 2020 program Continue reading «La tercera edición de Phe Gallery se inaugura el viernes 7 de agosto con la obra de 21 creadores de Canarias»

Phe Festival 2023 opens with Gallery, a collective exhibition of 23 artists from the Canary Islands

The sixth edition of Phe Gallery brings together twenty proposals from 23 artists and opens its doors this Friday the 28th at the Castillo de San Felipe, with extensions to other spaces in the town

The festival activates its offer in 2023 with this platform for the dissemination of artistic creation in the Canary Islands, which embraces painting, sculpture, photography, video art or installations

The eighth edition of Phe Festival, which will be held on August 18 and 19 in Puerto de la Cruz, opens a window to current artistic creation in the Canary Islands with the inauguration this Friday, July 28, at 8:00 p.m., of a sample collective in the Castillo de San Felipe, which brings together twenty projects selected in the sixth call for Phe Gallery. A varied artistic proposal with which the programming of parallel activities of the Porto festival begins in 2023, which reflects individually and globally on creative current events in the Canary Islands, while placing the accent, gaze, gesture and pulse on contemporary social and cultural reality. The opening of Phe Gallery 2023 will be covered by the actions of the performer Llum Canut and the dj's Bliss and Pedrosa.

Creators who work in formats such as painting, sculpture, graffiti, photography, illustration, video art, action art or window dressing, among others, meet at Phe Gallery 2023. A showcase of the new island creative imprint that presents twenty of works signed by 23 artists who represent voices and perspectives of today for people of today, experiences in the present with a vision of the immediate future. 

Curated in this edition by beatrice rock, an art historian with training in the management of cultural projects, together with a curatorial team made up of agents from the artistic field in different areas and disciplines, the exhibition is made up of a selection of the works registered in the Phe Gallery 2023 call to date. June 9. The curatorial team is made up of: Dailo Boat, filmmaker, curator and cultural researcher; Paula Skull, an urban artist specializing in the creation of murals and whose work addresses issues such as the concept of identity and female empowerment; and Zulo Room, an exhibition space founded by the architects Pablo Delgado and Iñaki Pérez.

The artists and projects selected at Phe Gallery 2023 that will star in the exhibition at the San Felipe Castle and the interventions in other urban spaces are: Alba Peñate, Atri Galván, Azahara Capella, Brenda Cap, Carlotto Rose, CoEXISTo (Víctor Cabrera, Derek Pedrós and Andrea Pérez), Danilo, David Núñez, Elisa Pinto, Fani B. Flores, Gabriel Tondreau, Laura Santana, Noé Pullviac, Pablo Lavers, Patricia Reyes Yanes, Pilar Boullosa, Rethinkyourgarbage (Lucilla Bellini and Magali Brincat), Rubén Guedes and Sara park.

“The artists challenge us to reflect on various topics ranging from tourism and aesthetics, to desire and pleasure, Canarian traditions and festivities, climate change and the relationship between architecture and dance”, explains the curator Beatriz Rock. An exhibition that invites us to rethink our relationship with nature and the impact of our actions on the planet. As the curator explains, in this artistic proposal “we will explore the compulsive accumulation of objects and their symbolism in relation to the Canarian identity. Through still lifes, we reinterpret festivities and traditions as fabricated myths that reflect the social and cultural organization of our environment. In addition, we present works of visual metaphors symbolizing the threat of climate change”.

The public will be able to discover the different artistic proposals at the Castillo de San Felipe Cultural Space until August 27, as well as in the Columbus Shopping Center, Alteza supermarket, Ágora Bar & Café and Autos Plaza. In this way, Phe Gallery opens up to other spaces in the city, with interventions in attached places and in shop windows to offer the public a tour and visual game with innovative artistic proposals.

vacation experience

The launch of the sixth edition of the Gallery, organized by Phe Festival and the Puerto de la Cruz Culture area, inaugurates the program of parallel activities of the Phe Festival in 2023, which in its eighth edition presents on the 18th and 19th of August, two days of concerts and more than 20 hours of live music in Puerto de la Cruz which will feature the British duo Orbital, one of the great references in dance music and electronic culture; the Argentine rapper Trueno, a phenomenon of the urban genre who premieres his live show in the Canary Islands; the also British The Reytons; and a list of outstanding national and local artists, such as Natalia Lacunza, Arde Bogotá, Second, Jimena Amarillo, Sexy Zebras, Bala, Rocío Saiz, Adora, Antiplancton Shinova, Rocío Márquez & Bronquio, Morreo, Ghouljaboy, Hoonine and Zurych. 

The Porto festival offers visitors an exceptional vacation experience and a catalog of Parallel leisure and entertainment activities for children and adults during the week of the event. Puerto de la Cruz and spaces such as Jardines Playa Jardín, Plaza Europa and La Marea Surf, in Playa Martiánez, are the settings for different experiences related to urban sports, active leisure, and healthy lifestyles for adults and children. 

Proposals like the Phe Summer, which are held from Monday, August 14, offer a range of proposals between surf classes for children and adults, at La Marea Surf School, in Playa Martiánez; capoeira, slackline, acroyoga and inverted workshops at the Playa Jardín Gardens; and surfskate and slackline workshops, as well as BMX, skate and scooter initiation workshops for all ages, in Plaza Europa, in Puerto de La Cruz. To highlight in this context the call, on Saturday August 19 in the Plaza de Europa, of the fourth edition of the popular meeting Phe Yoga, with sessions of Balance inspiration, tai chi and pilates, hatha yoga, rocket yoga, meditation and breathing, and an ecstatic yoga dance session.

The parallel activities of Phe Festival 2023 are completed with days dedicated to wine culture, with visits to the Arautava, La Haya and La Suertita wineries, which include a tasting of the reference wines of these brands and gastronomic tasting. The festival site will have a space dedicated to promoting these wines in the so-called Wine Garden. 

Subscriptions and tickets per day to attend the festival are on sale on the platform 

Phe Festival is organized by Phe Team with the support of the Culture area of the Puerto de la Cruz City Hall. It also has the sponsorship of the Government of the Canary Islands through the Canarian Institute for Cultural Development and the General Directorate of Youth, Canary Islands Tourism, as well as the Cabildo de Tenerife through its cultural and tourism management entities. The brands and companies Heineken Silver, Deichmann, Aqualia, Hospiten, Ikea, Levi's, Vans, Gordon's, Pepsi, Schweppes, Jägermeister, Ron Guajiro, Fuente Alta, Grupo Rahn, Labrador Cepsa Puerto de la Cruz, Vuse also collaborate. , Alehop, Isola, La Fast, Libby's. Collaborations in the mobility sector are grateful to Fred Olsen and Titsa. And in the local hotel field they have the support of the establishments Atlantic Mirage Suites & Spa (Macaronesian Hotels), Grupo Pez Azul, Atypicap, AFHoteles, Alua Soul Orotava Valley, Dwo Nopal, Hotel Marte and Skyview Hotel. 


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