We notify: last day before the ticket price change

We notify: last day before the ticket price change

We know, you're being lazy. You still don't have your ticket for Phe Festival because you love that feeling of being overwhelmed when you leave everything to the last minute. But just in case you haven't heard, we'll let you know: today is the last day to get a ticket for only 15 euros before the price change! Take advantage of the reduced amount, since starting at 00:00 tomorrow Tuesday June 7th it will cost 20 euros.

There are still two months left for you to enjoy the best weekend of the summer in Cross port and that makes you doubt. But think that is more than enough time to prepare everything: accommodation, transport, what to carry in your backpack… while you bet with your friends who will have the best direct yes Of faith, Cycle, The Red Room, Kostrok, Belako… There are no excuses for some #holidaysforeveryone!

This will be the last price change until the day of the concert, the 6th August, where tickets can be purchased for 25 euros. Runs! Start doing the procedures on our page of tickets before it's too late for you.

But we still have more news for you. If you are one of those who do not have much feeling With online sales, you can now buy your ticket for #phefestival on physical points of sale*. Team FOR, Fitenia Surf Shop, The store, Space A and The Bullet Man in Santa Cruz; coffee seven, Don't Panic Showroom, Dicky Morgan Vintage Boutique & Gallery and Aguere Cultural Space In the lagoon; Blanco Bar, Korner Street Shop, NWC Skate, Ebano Cafe, Massive Bookstore and The Love Cats in Puerto de la Cruz; Quilombo Coffee in La Orotava; Eclectic Cafe in Candlemas; in addition to Auto Parts El Empalme SL and Glassware Drago SL, in Icod de los Vinos, will put on sale phelices tickets from Wednesday 8 of June. Of course, keep in mind that the price will already be 20 euros.

And if you prefer to get your ticket without leaving home, We have expanded the online points of sale! In addition to the usual method our web, you can get your tickets at Ticketea.com, our official channel, and starting tomorrow on other platforms such as entrees, ticketbell.com, ticketmaster, Tomaticket.es and Wegow. You see, all facilities so you can enjoy the best music experience with us this summer.

We want to see you on August 6 on the esplanade of the pier giving it your all!

*NOTE: If you have an establishment and want to join the official phelices ticket sales team, let us know; we put at your disposal on our website a contact form.

Phe Festival offers special discounts for ULL students

Phe Festival is a musical event that will take place next 6th August on Cross port and will have a poster made up of the groups Cycle, Of faith, The Red Room, Belako, Red Beard, Kostrok and Mr Paradise as continuity DJ. The organization of the event and the University of La Laguna have signed a collaboration agreement through which the institution's students will be able to enjoy a 20% discount on the ticket for the concert.

The process to obtain it will be through a discount voucher redeemable at the online shopping of the entrance with the code PHE&ULL, which is already active on the ticket sales platform Ticket. This link explains the process of how to redeem this bonus: http://phefestival.com/usar-cupon-descuento-comprando-tus-tickets/.

When printing the receipt, it will appear that they are beneficiaries of the discount for ULL students and that is what users will have to show, together with the card that accredits it, at the door when accessing the festival. The deadline to do it is until 11:59 p.m. on August 5.

Furthermore, the organization of Phe Festival has traded with the platform Canariasviaja.com cultural packages for residents of all the islands, whose prices could be of interest to ULL students from other islands who wish to come to the festival in August: https://www.canariasviaja.com/escapadas/culturales.

Depending on your organization, Phe Festival seeks to promote a program of "fresh, unique and original artistic and social actions, designed to be enjoyed in Puerto de la Cruz", which may be interesting for the university public. Hence the interest in specifying this according to the ULL, which this year is limited to the discount, but could be extended to other common actions in future editions of the event.

Music, trends, cinema, gastronomy... we are expanding the program and poster!

Phe Festival will celebrate a new edition in Cross port the second week of August with a proposal that brings together music, cinema, trends, gastronomy and innovation in the same space to enjoy a perfect vacation plan. A unique experience to share, which will be crowned with two days of concerts, on Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th, where the sounds of well-known international, national and local artists will come together with others that it will be a pleasure to discover.

Miss Caffeine, yall, Bizarre Love Triangle, Em DJ, Belop, Papaya, The Vinegars and The Good Company they join WAS, Siloam and The Taxman, previously confirmed,  for a poster still open to new additions. The fertilizer for the two days of direct they are already on sale on the official website www.phefestival.comas well as on platforms Ticketea.com and Tickety.es, at the price of 30 euros. Once the latest confirmations are announced in April, single tickets will go on sale for each day.

Although initially it was considered to keep the celebration during the first week of August, as in the first edition, the organization made the decision to change the date, motivated by adjustments to the availability of artists and a better use of leisure and tourism resources in the city. In this way, it has been possible to complete a poster at the height of what the organizers and, surely also, the public of Phe Festival, wish.

The esplanade of the pier of Puerto de la Cruz remains the main venue for the festival, which wants to go beyond the musical offer, to offer a new concept of entertainment experience, with the current values of a more creative and participatory society. It is aimed at young people regardless of their age, who want to enjoy life, are committed and active.

Phe Market It will be one of the novelties this year of the festival. A trend fair outdoors, by the sea and daytime, focused on fashion, design or technology, which will have a restaurant area, stage, performances and innovative proposals so that they can be enjoyed by all audiences.

A few days of reflection and shared knowledge (Ph I+C), a cinema meeting (Phe Films) concerts, activities and city tours (Phe Arounds) complete the program of this event that reinforces the cultural offer of the north of Tenerife from its commitment to the environment.

After the notoriety achieved in the 2016 presentation edition, the festival returns in 2017 as one of the great proposals promoted from the area of Culture of the City Council of Puerto de la Cruz with the support of Turismo de Tenerife, a firm commitment to quality and the promotion of cultural tourism.

Phe Festival is framed in Cultural Strategy of Puerto de la Cruz 2020, which also includes projects of the stature of festivals such as journey, Mueca, Agatha Christie Festival, port street art, Bach Festival of Early and Baroque Music or Canary Jazz Festival and in which the public institution, City Council, seeks to generate alliances and complicity to promote the feeling of co-responsibility for a common project together with various entities, creators, citizen groups and private companies.

Get a subscription for #Phe2017 at the launch price


There are a few months left, we know, but surely you have already mentally organized your vacation plan in Phe Festival: where to stay, how to get there and what to pack. And the fertilizer? You already have it?

The second week of August, you will share in Cross port unique moments with the best in music, trends, culture, cinema, gastronomy and innovation.

We want to join the best summer of your life and make it unrepeatable in one of the most magical corners of the island, by the sea, listening to the live shows of Miss Caffeine, yall, Bizarre Love Triangle, Em DJ, WAS, Siloam, Belop, Papaya, The Vinegars,The Good Company, The Taxman… What more could you want?

As we know that you like to be proactive and want to get the best price so you don't miss out, we'll quickly and easily tell you the steps to get a season ticket at the launch price: 30 euros for two days of live streaming. Aim well!

  1. Enter the section TICKETS of our website where you will find all the phenomenal products of our Online store.
  2. Click on the image on the top left PHE MUSIC SUBSCRIPTION ‚Äď 1 PHASE.
  3. Choose the number of tickets you want to buy (up to a maximum of 10) and add to cart.
  4. Then go to See small car, in the green box at the top right.
  5. click on acmake a purchase and finalize the purchase with the special price. You already have your subscription!

Important! If during the purchase of the subscription you give the social button of "Share",  We pay you the bank management fees! You just have to remember to click during the ordering process (in steps 3 and 4). The system will recognize that you have done the social sharing and discount will apply automatically.

And if you also want to be the best ambassador of Phe Festival and have a memory of the great moments lived, you can get the Good Vibes Pack with the subscription, the glasses more cool, the eco bag, a cool keychain and the t-shirt with the logo for only 50 euros. Long live festival glamour!

Remember that you can also get your seats online on the platforms Ticketea.com and Tickety.es. If you are still thinking about it, we warn you that there is price change in may. Do not sleep!

In case you can't enjoy the two days of concert, don't despair! Once we announce the latest confirmations in the second half of April, you can buy the entry for days also at reduced price, others subscription packs and lots surprises to make your experience happy. Are you ready?


#Phe2017 tickets for days on sale!

How much do you want to Phe Festival? There are less than 90 days left and we know you want August 11 as much as we do.

We remain committed to preparing everything necessary for you to enjoy the best music vacation plan of your life and that is why we wanted to make it easy for you. If this year we have opted to extend the program with two days of concerts, we do not want anyone to miss it, so we are opening the official ticket sales per day!

After the good reception of the tickets at the introductory price, starting today you have a new opportunity to buy your advance ticket at the price of 22 euros in the online store of our website (in the section TICKETS) And in the on the platforms Ticketea.com and Tickety.es. Start planning your summer now and get the cheapest ticket ‚Äď the price will go up at the box office on concert days ‚Äď without leaving home and without having to queue at the venue. We want to see you in Cross port giving it all next August!

Do you want to be prepared for the live shows that await you? Take out the agenda or mobile and write down. From today you will be able to know which artists will open each day and which ones will make you dance until dawn. The friday the 11th of August, we will vibrate with We Are Trash, The Good Company, Papaya, Belop, Miss Caffeine, Javier Mena, Bizarre Love Triangle and Em DJ.

The saturday 12, they will be Dj Full FX, Siloam, The Taxman, The Vinegars, Bejo & DJ Pimp, WAS, Leon Benavente and yall those that will turn Puerto de la Cruz into the center of indie music. You can now organize yourself!

Don't wait any longer to enjoy Phe Festival many surprises remain!

You are a student? Get the Phe 2017 fertilizer at a discount!

Student, we know your reality very well: always scratching your pocket to find the last euro. That's why this year we want to make it easy for you by launching a special season ticket with a 25% discount. Yes, as you read, you can enjoy the two days of concerts by Ph 2017 for ‚ā¨30!

On Phe Festival We have a commitment: to promote the positive passions of people through the value of music and culture, and thereby stimulate the potential of individuals to improve their understanding of reality. We want young people to have the opportunity to discover their world through fresh and unique plans and experiences that they can enjoy collectively. What better than a summer festival in a unique setting?

Miss Caffeine, yall, Leon Benavente, Bejo & Dj Pimp, Bizarre Love Triangle, Javier Mena, WAS, Belop, Siloam, em dj, The Vinegars, Papaya, The Good Company, The Taxman, We Are Trash and Dj FullFx the days are waiting for you August 11 and 12 at Cross port to enjoy a phenomenal weekend with your friends, by the sea, in a space where you will find a careful gastronomic offer, drinks, a trend fair... you can't miss it!

You just have to enter our online store, select Phe Music Pass ‚Äď Students and get yours. Upon receiving the receipt, it will appear that you are a beneficiary of the student discount and that is what you will have to show, along with the card that accredits it, at the door when entering the festival.

Run! Plan your payment and get the season ticket as soon as possible. Forecasts say they're going to fly!

Tickets and subscriptions for Phe 2018 at an introductory price!

We are already preparing a new edition of Phe Festivehe! There are many who are asking us about the line-up of artists and the sale of tickets and subscriptions, so we are very grateful for so much support, but we are going step by step.

Before announcing the first confirmations we want to make a promotion for phellowers convinced that the moments that we will live in Puerto de la Cruz on August 24 and 25. We launch a pre-sale of subscriptions and tickets at the price they deserve!

You can get the subscription (two days of direct) at ‚ā¨25 and the ticket for a single day at ‚ā¨15 in the section¬†TICKETS¬†of our website, where you can link to our official online sales channels, the platforms¬†Tickety.es¬†and¬†¬†Ticketea.com¬†.

Only for the first 1,000 brave! Yes, as you read, this special launch is only for the first 1,000 tickets and subscriptions (will be sold in order of request).

#Phe2018 #FubricandoGoodTimes

Depedro completes the poster for the fourth edition of Phe Festival in August in Puerto de la Cruz

The Americans We Are Sciencitsts, the British The Statue Thieves, Arizona Baby, Mueveloreina, Dj Amable, Cari√Īo, and references from the scene in the Canary Islands such as GAF are the latest additions announced for this event on August 23 and 24 Continue reading ¬ęDepedro completa el cartel de la cuarta edici√≥n de Phe Festival en agosto en Puerto de la Cruz¬Ľ

Hidrogenesse, Mariclón and Papaya & EvaOlvido, ambassadors of Phe Festival at The Paper Club on July 6

The Puerto de la Cruz festival completes its series of live concerts around the islands in Las Palmas under the brand Phe Club Continue reading ¬ęHidrogenesse, Maricl√≥n y Papaya & EvaOlvido, embajadores de Phe Festival en The Paper Club el 6 de julio¬Ľ

Meet the artists of the second edition of Phe Gallery

The Canarian creative scene is increasingly effervescent. And in Phe Festival We celebrate talent with Phe Gallery, a platform for disseminating the most up-to-date art that this year celebrates its second edition with the work of 18 artists from the Islands, including well-known names as emerging creators.

We can find painting works by Crist√≥bal Tabares, Fernando Mi√Īarro, Carmen Clogon, Greta Chicheri, L√≠a Ateca, Mariana Palomino, Pablo Falc√≥n or Left Mart√≠nez; installations by artists such as Adassa Santana, Yosi Negr√≠n, Laura Herranz & √ďscar Latuag and Ducttape; or the sculpture of Dion Blake (sculpture/installation), Juan Carlos Batista and Ohiane de Felipe; in addition to the photographic work of Luc√≠a Bellini & Magali Brincat, Ian Paulo Cazorla and Seigar.

The scenario chosen for the exhibition will once again be the San Felipe Castle Cultural Space from its inauguration on August 2 to the 24, with the curatorship of Alex Letto.

Whether you are a regular public in galleries or if you are one of those who does not frequent exhibitions, in Phe Gallery you will be able to approach creativity, innovation and culture in a relaxed way.

As in previous editions, Phe Festival wants to show its involvement with the local creative community, developing a proposal that increases the experience of its enjoyment and involvement with its public, with culture as an accelerator of the sustainable development of Puerto de la Cruz.


As you know, our colleague ‚Äėplug-in‚Äô translator isn‚Äôt perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.