Phe Festival says goodbye to the largest edition in its history with record attendance

Phe Festival says goodbye to the largest edition in its history with record attendance

More than 10,000 people attended the concerts and activities distributed throughout the past week in Puerto de la Cruz. The festival celebrates its eighth edition on August 18 and 19, 2023 Continue reading «Phe Festival despide la mayor edición de su historia con récord de asistencia»

Phe 2022 culminates its programming with more than ten hours of live music

Saturday night was the final touch to a week of music, art and urban sports that makes Phe Festival consolidate itself as the great summer event in the Canary Islands Continue reading «Phe 2022 culmina su programación con más de diez horas de música en directo»

Phe's audience stands up to indie music

The Puerto de la Cruz music and trends festival renews its spirit on its first day of concerts with the public dancing and without restrictions Continue reading «El público de Phe, en pie ante la música indie»

Phe Festival faces its big days with more than 20 hours of concerts

Independent music will once again be the protagonist in Puerto de la Cruz, with a lineup of artists headed by Los Planetas, Digitalism, Viva Sweden, Maika Makovski and Xoel López Continue reading «Phe Festival afronta sus días grandes con más de 20 horas de conciertos»

Phe Sports consolidates itself as the urban sports event in Tenerife

The regional skate and BMX championships, one of the main attractions of the music and trends festival in Puerto de la Cruz, which also brings back the BMX Aqualia Water Jump Continue reading «Phe Sports se consolida como la cita de los deportes urbanos de Tenerife»

Phe Yoga, the commitment to well-being and sustainable development practices

The activity is part of the experiences program of Phe Festival, the meeting with music and trends that celebrates its seventh edition in Puerto de la Cruz until Saturday, August 20 Continue reading «Phe Yoga, la apuesta por el bienestar y las prácticas de desarrollo sostenible»

Puerto de la Cruz, the usual destination for a different tourist

The adjective "tourist" in all its numbers and genders for a good concordance is the classic epithet for Cross port. Achilles, the one with light feet, Hector, killer of men, Odysseus, prolific in tricks, Puerto de la Cruz, tourist city, all have their reason. Scholars of history and literature have already stopped at the first; in the last one we will extend ourselves, with greater or lesser fortune, throughout this post.

From the outset, let us clarify that the choice of the previous examples is not trivial, nor is it the result of the obsession with the classic of the person who writes this. Since the Port is a port, it has been a receiving city for visitors, in fact, it was here that the first tourists who set foot on the archipelago arrived: as of 1880, tourism begins to have an important weight in the local economy, which is formalized with the construction of the Gran Hotel Taoro in the last years of the century, becoming the flagship of the beginnings of tourism in Puerto de la Cruz, although the authentic tourist boom could be established between the 50s and 80s of the 20th century: it was in the 60s when it became the most important tourist city in the Canary Islands and the hotel and service sector became the predominant occupations of the inhabitants of the port.

This, which could be the story of any tourist city in any area of any Mediterranean country, has its own peculiarities (the others will have them too, but we don't know them, excuse us). Cross port it was still a small fishing town, whose hotel centers had been created from the remodeling of old family houses. The arrival of tourists influences but does not change excessively the idiosyncrasy of a city accustomed to receiving visitors of all kinds on its coast and these visitors, in turn, seem to be infected with the spirit that Puerto de la Cruz has. It was always, and we believe that this is one of the keys, horizontal tourism, a visitor who becomes a citizen more than a guestAt least during your stay. A “citizenship” that comes to be like love, that is eternal while it lasts, but that, decades later, turns out to be the ideal tourist model, coveted and theorized by destinations that knew how to ride the wave of the tourist boom of the sixties but, perhaps, they did not know how to ride it.

Puerto de la Cruz, in favor of tourism, may have modified its physique, part of its architecture in that unstoppable wave that was the boom in the sixties of the last century, but its idiosyncrasy was unbreakable. Distinguished visitors attest to this spirit of which we speak, artists and intellectuals who, choosing the city perhaps as a retreat for a couple of days, extended their stay and became residents of the city. They passed through the Port, yes, but the Port, inevitably, also passed through them.

And, years later, it remains firm in its character, Puerto de la Cruz setting a trend in cultural tourism. Far from being a tourist ghetto, the city prides itself on an enriching coexistence between natives and foreigners, a relationship between equals in which the two parties grow and evolve together. Maybe that is no longer tourism, but something else. The things of Puerto de la Cruz.

Regional skate and BMX championships are added to the Phe 2022 schedule

Sports and urban culture take center stage on August 18 and 19 at the seventh edition of the music and trends festival in Puerto de la Cruz, which brings back the III BMX Aqualia Water Jump Continue reading «Campeonatos regionales de skate y BMX se suman a la programación de Phe 2022»

Puerto de la Cruz prepares to receive the festival experience of Phe 2022

An extensive program of activities multiplies the attractions of the music and trends festival throughout the week, in advance of the concert days on August 19 and 20 Continue reading «Puerto de la Cruz se prepara para recibir la experiencia festivalera de Phe 2022»

Come to the movies with Phe

Inflation, the price of electricity and everything, the very expensive watermelons! Fortunately, there are things that remain the same. Phe re-aligns with Cine Yelmo this 2022 so that our common friends, that is, you, dear phellower, can go to the movies without having to pawn any of your already few belongings. Because the friends of my friends are my friends!

When you go to buy your tickets online on the website or in the Yelmo app for Meridiano or La Orotava, insert the promotional code 902082750621 and you can get them for 5.60 euros. The promotion will be available from August 19 to September 8, so don't say you don't have time! In addition, there is no ticket limit with this promotion, you can use it as many times as you want. Tremble, Boyero!

Promotional code: 902082750621



  • From August 19 to September 1, 2022 (both included)
  • Valid for Cine Yelmo La Villa de Orotava and Cine Yelmo Meridiano for a price of €5.60
  • Redeem your code on the website or APP of Cine Yelmo. Valid in any session from Monday to Sunday.
  • Not combinable with other promotions. Not valid for special events, +QueCine or alternative content.
  • Reserved the right to limit use due to full capacity or other special conditions outside the company.
  • Does not accumulate MovieYelmo points.


website of Cine Yelmo:
1.- Select the province (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) and the cinema (Cine Yelmo La Villa de Orotava or Cine Yelmo Meridiano).
2.- Select the day and session of the chosen film.
3.- Enter the coupon code in the "Enter your MovieYELMO or promotional code" field.
4.- The price “VM DISCOUNT CODE (902082750621)” will appear.
5.- Select your ticket.
6.- Select the seat(s) and finish the process.

Yelmo Cinema Mobile APP:
1.- Select the cinema, the day, the film and the session.
2.- Enter the coupon code in "I have a card or promotion".
3.- The price “VM DISCOUNT CODE (902082750621)” will appear.
4.- Select your ticket.
5.- Select the seat(s) and finish the process.

Entries are sent to the indicated email address. Check your email inbox and spam box. If you do not receive the tickets to the mail in a few minutes, fill out the form in, and we will assist you as soon as possible.



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