Innovation and culture are the stars of Phe Creative as a preview of the concerts at the Puerto de la Cruz festival

Innovation and culture are the stars of Phe Creative as a preview of the concerts at the Puerto de la Cruz festival

The meeting is part of the parallel programming of Phe Festival  and will take place on August 23 at the Cultural Space Castle

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Puerto de la Cruz prepares to receive the festival experience of Phe 2022

An extensive program of activities multiplies the attractions of the music and trends festival throughout the week, in advance of the concert days on August 19 and 20 Continue reading ¬ęPuerto de la Cruz se prepara para recibir la experiencia festivalera de Phe 2022¬Ľ

Phe Festival: transformation through culture

A commitment to social transformation from innovation and culture. In anticipation of the weekend full of concerts on August 19 and 20 in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife), Phe Festival opens a parenthesis to informative actions that invite reflection and knowledge through creation. A menu full of plastic art, performative encounters, dialogues and talks on wine culture during this month of August in summer format.

Phe Gallery

The seventh edition of the music and trends festival in the north of Tenerife takes its first step with the opening of Phe Gallery. Through the eyes of 16 emerging artists, the exhibition proposes new ways of approaching current issues with multidisciplinary research and work.

Curated by Miu Horemans and Barbara Narelys Hernandez Calero, this group reveals to the visitor the proposals of ADriana Glez, Alpert, Ana Beltrá, Aurembiaix Ainsa, Carla Marzán, Dadbugs, Eduardo Hodgson, Emma Marting, FourTearz, Gaia Fiorina, Javier Caldas, Jorge Méndez Hernández, Julia Mª Martín, Lua, Lucía Dorta Abad and Magus, selected from an open call. The artists of this fifth edition of Phe Gallery They coincide when it comes to approaching their works as assets without which it would not be possible to build new forms of dialogue with the public, nor give rise to questioning reality or social transformation.

It can be visited until August 27 at the usual time of the San Felipe Castle Cultural Space, from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. In addition, the festival proposes a guided tour of the exhibition on Saturday, August 20, an activity with free admission by the curators of the exhibition.

New this year, Phe Gallery will continue during the month of August with the start-up of relational space, a series of artistic and performative encounters between creators and creators from different disciplines of the living arts: June (muralism) Mario Varela (performative actions) and Juan Labory (music), on Friday, August 5; while dani ache (muralism) Margot Machado (performative actions) and Hannibal + Daniel (music) take part on Friday the 12th. This initiative, open to the public, will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the same space as the exhibition, as part of the training and informative programming of Phe Festival, with culture as an essential contribution to the sustainable development of Puerto de la Cruz.

With the creation of these encounters, it opens in¬†Phe Festival¬†a new space for reflection, criticism and thought. A program designed so that local artists can dialogue with the city and its visitors from their contemporary scenic proposals. The way in which these creators and creators -both of¬†Phe Gallery¬†such as Espacio Relacional‚Äď they investigate new languages of live and plastic arts and how they transmit them is integrated into the idea of expanded culture, through which the¬†Cultural and Creative Ecosystem of Puerto de la Cruz.

Phe Creative

Under the premise of innovation and culture also in summer, Phe develops a program of actions open to dialogue on aspects of interest related to the value of culture as an accelerator of the sustainable development of cities. All this from a playful and relaxed approach, in accordance with the values promoted by the festival. A) Yes, Phe Creative it wants to be a relaxed approach, without losing its informative character, which facilitates the debate on the management of cultural projects, the transformation of the environment and its implications for the regeneration of cities at a socioeconomic level.

It will kick off with an open dialogue on social innovation and creativity focused on the world of the music industry on Thursday August 18th in the garden of the old Santo Domingo convent in Puerto de la Cruz, with free admission. Moderated by the journalist Job Ledesma, it is a relaxed conversation that will include the participation of project promoters, promoters or managers, as is the case with Joan Vic Montaner, author of the book Here I lived. An emotional chronicle of my 25 years at the FIB (Libros del KO, 2022), Marian Lozano, from the Casa Maracas Agency and the Mayor and Councilor for Culture of Puerto de la Cruz, Marco González, to share a day of debate and analysis.

Enoculture and transformation of the territory we inhabit

Phe Creative It will also be a meeting point with the work being carried out in the field of wine culture in the north of Tenerife. The festival proposes an in-depth approach to cultural and business management that is carried out from the professional field through a series of talks that will shed light on the relationships between economic growth, landscape protection, the transformation of the territory, the values of innovation and entrepreneurship, and how to feed each other forming an ecosystem. All the talks will take place at 7:30 p.m. at the Puerto de la Cruz International Liquor Store and require prior registration through from this link Here

On Monday, August 15, Arautava Wineries will talk about the craftsmanship and quality of its wines; Vinatigo Wineries joins the talks on Tuesday the 16th to explain how culture flows through ecotourism; Wednesday the 17th will be the turn of Winery The Hague and its commitment to submarine wines, while on Thursday 18 DO Orotava Valley will close this program talking about the landscape and ancestral vineyards of a region that has one of the 100 best wineries in the world, according to the North American publication Wine&Spirits.


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