León Benavente, Javiera Mena and Bejo & DJ Pimp close the Phe 2017 poster

León Benavente, Javiera Mena and Bejo & DJ Pimp close the Phe 2017 poster

Five new artists join the poster of Ph 2017 and with them we celebrate a perfect vacation plan in Tenerife! The best live performances by well-known international, national and local artists, names of the current music scene and others that it will be a pleasure to discover make up the festival's commitment for its second edition, whose central dates would be August 11 and 12 on the esplanade of the wharf Cross port.

The revolutionary and transgressor Javier Mena, the quintessential group of the Spanish independent scene Leon Benavente with the presentation of his second feature 2, The phenomenon bejo breaking down the themes of what will be his first work with his usual collaborator dj pimp, in addition to DJ Full FX and We Are Trash, known names of Tenerife electronics, are the latest confirmations that close a line up which positions this second edition as a benchmark in the cultural offer of the north of Tenerife, a firm commitment to quality and the promotion of cultural tourism.

An exception poster for Ph 2017 in which the names of Miss Caffeine, yall, Bizarre Love Triangle, Em DJ, WAS, Belop, Siloam, Papaya, The Vinegars,The Good Company and The Taxman.

Well known and consolidated as one of the reference bands of the indie national, the last confirmed have been Leon Benavente. The group formed by Luis Rodríguez (guitar), Abraham Boba (vocals, keyboards), César Verdú (drums) and Eduardo Baos (bass, synthesizers) will bring us a repertoire with their own stamp that draws from rock music, with catchy melodies and certain dark eighties touches. Who hasn't already hummed Courage, brave?

The most pop transgression comes from the hand of Javier Mena. The Chilean artist will bring the apotheosis to Cross port with a sound that will delight those who have already fallen for his revolutionary songs and will call the attention of listeners eager for new musical proposals. the queen of electro pop in Spanish will show us that its natural habitat is the dance floor with the best of extravagance.

Those who promise moments not to forget in Ph 2017 They are Bejo & Dj Pimp. The Canarian artist will bring to the stage of Porto the characteristic innate island self-confidence that allows him to unfold between baroque rhymes and twisted alliterations, the formal basis of his hipi hapa vacilanduki. All this guaranteed by the hands of dj pimp, recognized with four DMC Spain titles and participation in the Red Bull Thre3Style2013 national final. Much flow!

Together with these artists we will be able to see on the stage of Ph 2017 as those in charge of continuity DJ Full FX, considered one of the best in the country and whose sessions will make the festival an authentic summer experience, We Are Trash, a formation made up of Jessy la Ley and el Chico, with their selections full of a great sense of celebration, rhythm and musical quality.

The fertilizer for Phe 2017 is priced at €30 until 11:59 p.m. on May 14. It can be purchased at our Online store and also on platforms Ticketea.com and Tickety.es. It will soon be available at physical points of sale along with tickets for days, in addition to other subscription packs and many surprises are yet to come so you can enjoy an unforgettable week in Puerto de la Cruz.

It is time to plan your vacation. why don't you come to Phe Festival? We provide the music, the sun, the cinema, the beach, trends, gastronomy, the venue... you make it magical.

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Who's who in Phe? Get hooked on the summer game (II)

If you're reading this, dear friend of Phe, you probably came from the first part, where we told you about the first day of the poster of this your trusted festival in its 2022 edition. If you don't come from there and you're here by the grace of the algorithm , of the networks or of your tendency to procrastinate without success looking for rolls on the Internet, you can click here and see what this talk is about.

If in addition to procrastinating you can be lazy and you have that flaw that is lack of curiosity, a summary: we offer you a brief presentation of the groups and/or artists that will animate our body and spirit in the two magical nights of Phe Festival 22 in Puerto de la Cruz. Here goes Saturday of Glory!

Glory Saturday at Phe Festival

Baldosa is a great name for a group. This is a subjective observation, of course, but lately it seems that subjectivity and "respect my opinion" are at the height of empirical knowledge, so go for it. Baldosa, we said, is a great name for a group, one that, moreover, on its Twitter profile, promises to make us dance and cry in equal measure. Can you resist that? We, tremendous and hedonistic in the same measure and proud of it, go with everything.

An intense pop sound and relevant rhythmic guitar playing will attract us to stage two, where El Faro will plant its base after six in the evening. They are from Tenerife and return to the stage after a break, like those couples who decide to give themselves another chance knowing that it is their thing. But they don't come back the same, that if it doesn't go funny. They return electric, risky, and with a pre-pandemic album produced by Guille Mostaza, with a title that seemed to warn us of what awaited us: 'The bad years'. We will have to ask them if their precognitive skills allow them to know when they will finish.


A yeyé pop duo in the 21st century? So yeah, what's up. Adiós amores it's new and fresh, guitars and synthesizers in the hands of two very young singers, producers and composers who sing their own songs, but it's also a fun and grateful look at Andalusian pop and the yeyé thing. Go ahead, we don't like comparisons, so we'll just leave a “Vainica Doble vive, Vainica Doble, presente” here and let anyone who wants to understand it understand it.

Lucia Tachetti it is one of the resonant faces of Latin American electropop, round sounds directed to the dance floor are part of an album with synth moments that has revolutionized the scene. We warn you that many people consider that of Lucia Tachetti an essential voice of the current pop scene and not a few consider her, also, one of the figures of tomorrow's electronic pop.

Maika Makovski She is a singer, songwriter, musician, actress, presenter and visual artist, as far as we know – if you are right now humming that of “architect, engineer, craftsman, carpenter, bricklayer and shipowner”, you are one of us. If not, excuse the digression, we'll be right back. One of the outstanding voices of the alternative pop scene and always in search of her own character, who is not the first time we enjoy on the island, but the first time we will witness her latest album live, which she herself defines as “direct, organic, vigorous, vital, fun and raw”.

One Saturday of our other life they thought to debut Chaqueta de Chándal in Tenerife. But it turns out that Covid had other plans and look, you can't leave your house until you don't know when in fortnightly installments and there we stayed, wanting to chant 'Don't look at the teeth of a modern hangover', 'We want to go a misa', 'Cayetana' or 'Hablemos del mineralismo', hits of space and acid rock by this group defined as an unlikely cross between Neu!, La Polla Records and Los Brincos. This is the \ It \ him Underground…

Alizzz He is the man without a face who has been responsible for the successes of artists such as C-Tangana or Becky G, a shadow brain that, about time, successfully claims his presence in recent times. 'You stopped loving me', the piece by C. Tangana with La Húngara and El Niño de Elche Produced and set to music by him, it can be a declaration of intent and an easy reference to explain his universe: the sound consistency of Anglo-Saxon electronics mixed with a certain national symbology. Ball.

Mula It is the Dominican music of the future. Or what has been the same, the music of the future in general. Sounds to have fun and dance, a mood electronic, enjoyment, retro, with the wave of the keyboards of the eighties, the electronics of the 90s, funk, rock, urban... What else?

Little more than five years the boys of Viva Suecia on the scene and it seems that they have been there all their lives. The Murcian batch of indie groups seems to have assured success based on passion, melodic forcefulness, majestic arrangements and epic guitars. Possessors of an authentic arsenal of hits – we suspect that they have the recipe for cooking anthems – they are one of the most requested groups in our suggestion box, for a reason.

Digitalism will put the official end point to this edition of Phe. The German duo is one of the indie dance sensations of this century, fun and imaginative, serious and ecstatic, worthy heirs to the German electronic tradition with a powerful and catchy proposal with which to say goodbye to Phe until next time.

For our part, return to where we started, to the metaphor of the buffet. We hope you satisfy your festival cravings with Phe. And with us, the same as with food, you can repeat as many times as you want. We already have seven!

This is our proposal for Friday of Passion and Saturday of Glory. How you spend Resurrection Sunday is up to you.

Who's who at PHE? Get hooked on the summer game (I)

Trying to analyze the poster of a summer festival, unless it is one of those corseted appointments in a genre – and still – is a bit like deciphering the offer of a buffet. Yes, we know, the metaphor can be a bit funny, but it is what it is. And at festivals, like at buffets, drinks are separate. Do you see how it is not so far-fetched? Anyway, let's stop justifying our little ingenuity and get to the point.

We said that the musical offer of a festival has a certain resemblance to the gastronomic offer of a buffet: some essential dishes, indisputable hits before which the respectable swarms, new additions that will become classics or not and some rarities that, a priori, They will only draw the attention of those who understand or who refuse to recognize their condition as a mass and assume membership in a supposed elite who knows according to what criteria. (Canned hearts of palm at a buffet have seen these little eyes that are now looking at the screen).

An event like Phe Festival, international, eclectic, multidisciplinary, family, sustainableWe stop with the adjectives because you will think that there is a bias and you will be right – it wants and must offer variety on its counter, be an attractive proposal for anyone and a refuge of solace for those who want to approach and withdraw from the madding crowd to immerse themselves in other noises. Thus, it is perfectly understandable that out of the entire offer – this year we have come a long way: two days, two stages, twenty groups, a lot of hours of music – someone escapes you. The conversations around us as the confirmations were announced took us back to long Sunday afternoons playing Who's Who?: “Is he wearing glasses? Use a hat?". And let's be honest, with these data, on a date like this, it could be anyone... That's why, in Phe Festival, your festival of confidence, with a certain enlightened desire, we have prepared a guide so that you can finally say without blushing that "I already knew them before", which this time will be true.

Passion Friday

The Weeird will be the group in charge of opening the door of love this year. The main stage of Phe will receive this powerful, electric and vibrant group from Porto that sounds like Manchester, although we would not be able to explain very well what that means. They play at home, in Puerto de la Cruz, and if you are still wondering whether to come so early, think about the future, looking over your shoulder and declaiming, like an actress from an old theater: “I knew them before they were mainstream

At 18:10 – we pretend to be British, now – time for the wild rock of MOLLO & The Freestyle Poodoo Experts, direct from the banana trees of La Finca 33, on the cliff tops of Los Patos beach, to the Phe stage. Soul, Funk and more things when the afternoon wants to fall. Anything else? You never know.


Las Dianas they are very young and for that reason alone they arouse the most terrible envy of the person who writes this. They come from Granada and that is another reason, but more personal. Insanely cool pop rides and sharp, witty lyrics, cheekiness and a whole lot of humor – and pretty punky, the way we like it. The music scene of the city of La Alhambra does not stop giving us joy, this time in the form of 5 girls having a good time singing –sometimes screaming– about everyday experiences, lack of love, hate and other issues. At 6:50 p.m. on the main stage. Then don't say we didn't warn you.


dani, with the “d” in lower case, it is hypnotic and hypnotic, sweet, sensual, elegant and a confessed fan of Jeanette. Our respects. A delicious way to start watching the sun go down from stage two, at their first concert in the Canary Islands.


Soul, hip-hop and dancehall coexist with coplas and boleros in the imaginary of Queralt Lahoz –Did you see how we can return to the simile of the buffet?– and they do it in such an organic way that, if we were not so condemned to overthink and we were not so given to the prosaic, we would assume that so hackneyed that “it is in the blood ”. (Only essential elements for survival are carried in the blood and, perhaps, some hereditary disease, let's stop with that already). The purity nested in a crossroads of culture and influences and a captivating live show that will leave you piqueto. Because, as Camarón used to say, “purity can never be lost when you really carry it inside you”.

Gaiety and discreet eccentricity, luminous stories with a gloomy counterpoint and an excellent reading comprehension of the world –because it coincides a bit with ours, we are so self-indulgent–, Kokoshca it comes at the right time to awaken our enthusiasm and our lucidity. And our desire to dance, or something.

The artist formerly known as Deluxe is one of the most solvent musicians and composers on the national scene and beyond. This, which sounds like a basic resume or mortgage loan application phrase, is the absolute truth. Xoel López, whom at the beginning of his metamorphosis the stubborn indies compared to Juan Luis Guerra –as if that were something bad– is solvency, elegance, talent and honesty. And also, as long as one knows how to listen and is like the reed –the plant, not the singer– a one-way path. Sing dance. Do not miss it. At 22:10 the verbena begins!

The Parrots they are irreverent, fresh, cheeky. With the flag-bearers poster of the new wave garage Spanish, they had to go out and succeed before we paid them a little attention –Oh, Mónica Naranjo, pioneer in so many things–. His dirty and magnetic show will close stage two on Friday night.

"Although you like Los Planetas like all the puretas” they sang Novedades Carminha –At this point we feel like we are bearers of a painful reality: they are not that they are scamps either– and a piece of trash settled in our spirits. whore? Are we really at that point of "any past time was better"? Do we have a belly like the night of kings with its presence in Phe because we are comfortably installed in another time, in another soundtrack? It's possible. But what is indisputable is that this other time is not that of the people of Granada. Theirs is still this.

Instituto Mexicano del Sonido It is basically, Camilo Lara. And it is, also, a genre in itself –how helpful this is when you don't know where to pigeonhole something–. Long live Mexico, let's return to the past and transfer it to the future. Let's mix cumbia with electronic sounds, alarms, take tradition so that you have your modernity. And yes, we are so obvious that the theme we leave you with is a cumbia-manifesto hand in hand with Las Dianas, of whom we have already said a few things above. Shall we cross our fingers to see it live?

And so far on Passion Friday, little friends of Phe. Let's go for Glory Saturday!


As you know, our colleague ‘plug-in’ translator isn’t perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.