The best of national indie music arrives in Puerto de la Cruz with the Phe Festival

The best of national indie music arrives in Puerto de la Cruz with the Phe Festival

A concert indie with the participation of some of the most important national bands on the current scene. This is how it looks this year Phe Festival, with an eye on the 2017 edition to hold a large-scale event, a new music festival that will make available to the public a program of fresh, unique and original artistic and social actions, designed to be enjoyed in Puerto de la Cruz , and which includes a training and informative meeting, dedicated to cultural management and its implications for tourism entitled Power Changers 2.

Phe Festival is part of the planning project conceived in the Cultural Strategy of Puerto de la Cruz 2020, which also includes projects of the stature of festivals such as journey, Mueca, port street art or Canary Jazz Festival and in which the public institution, City Council, seeks to generate alliances and complicity to promote the feeling of co-responsibility for a common project together with various entities, creators, citizen groups and private companies. The Phe-Festival Thus, it becomes another of the great bets promoted by the culture area of the Porto City Council, from an integrating and participatory principle and a defined commitment to quality that also affects the promotion of Cultural Tourism. Sandra Rodr铆guez, Councilor for Finance and Culture of the northern consistory, maintains that "with this new commitment, our city achieves a continuous line of commitment to culture, generating both artistic, economic and social wealth." Phe has the support of Puerto de la Cruz Urban Rehabilitation Consortium, Council of Tenerife in its areas of Culture and Tourism and the Canary Islands Government.

In this 2016 edition, as a preview of what will be the first big event of next year, the festival will count for its appointment on August 6, with the groups Cycle, the red room, Of faith, Belako, Red Beard and Kostrok, a firm commitment to groups that are a reference in the independent national sphere and electronics with international claim. Among its programmatic lines is also granting an important role to Canarian musical production.

Phe, designed for the enjoyment of a wide spectrum of the public, is a festival that wants to grow in the north of Tenerife from the consideration of the city of Cross port as an international benchmark for tourism and a pioneer in Spain of a socioeconomic model that is constantly being updated. The stage will be located in a closed area on the esplanade of the port, next to the sea, with the philosophy of promoting human, artistic and musical diversity and that attendees find in it a leisure alternative to spend a good weekend.

Cycle, one of the best bands of recent times, returns to the Tenerife stages as one of the main claims of Phe Festival. They do so after celebrating their tenth anniversary with 'Dance all Over', their fourth album, rock danceable with electronic punch, basses and synths from David Kano, the provocative voice of La China and the exciting voice of Luke Donovan, a mixture of rage, tenderness and sadism. Together with them, the Valencian band the red room headlines this presentation concert for Phe, on the presentation tour of his tenth studio album 'Sagrado Coraz贸n', with which they have sneaked into the top of the bills of independent music festivals.

Also with a new LP, 'Hamen', they arrive from the Basque Country Belako, group of rock, post punk and electronic music considered by critics to be one of the most promising on the national independent scene. And from rock more vital to electronics more indie from Kostrok, the Valencian DJ duo made up of Adri谩n Lurbe and Jos茅 Mart铆 who triumphed on the dance floor last summer with Right Now.

The latest addition to the PHE lineup is Of faith, or what amounts to the same thing, Oscar D'Aniello, now on his own after finishing his stage with the Flores Azules, who has just presented his new album 'La Fuerza Irresistible'. A repertoire of vital songs with a style that mixes pop, hip hop, soul, funky, disco, and that bring a positive and carefree character to this concert Phe Festival who wants to be a festive referent in the concert calendar of the Archipelago.

Good news: Phe will be in Mueca

This is a non-stop. Less than 90 days left for the 00 edition of Phe Festival and we continue determined to shout to the four winds what we have prepared: a unique weekend in Cross port with concerts, bathing on the coast and great experiences of urban leisure and gastronomy. That is why we join the programming of the Grimace Festival 2016 to make the festival presentation on the street... and some surprises.

Yes, as you read. We will be at your disposal in a physical space that will be located on the esplanade of the Customs House, in the Fishing Pier, where you will find first-hand all the information about the festival and where your opinion and participation will be the protagonists. We know that there is a lot of desire to #phefestival, that's why we want to share it with you.

Can you ask for more? Well yes. Anyone who comes to our happy stand, will take a Discount coupon with which to obtain tickets at a reduced price when buying online.

If you plan to be one of the thousands of people who attend the International Street Art Festival in Puerto de la Cruz, be sure to visit us. We will be the friday may 13 from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. and the saturday 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. It will be a great opportunity to join the experience Phe Festival.

We have phe, you put the desire.

How to use a discount coupon buying your tickets and not die trying

Come to Phe Festival It has many advantages鈥 and you cannot let them escape. if you loved it Mueca and you want to enjoy another unforgettable weekend in Cross portWe are going to make it very easy for you.

The best music indie, rock, dancing and live electro, in an idyllic place, by the sea, and enjoying a pleasant atmosphere at a special price of 10 euros!

If you received a discount coupon in Mueca and you want to redeem it, you just have to follow the steps that we show you below.聽

Hurry because this promotion expires May 22.



1-聽Enter the section TICKETS on our website where you can easily buy tickets thanks to

2-Choose the number of tickets you want to buy (up to a maximum of 5) and click "Continue".

3-聽Sign in or register at Ticket. You can easily do it through Facebook.

4-聽In the right bar, in the summary of the purchase, enter the promotional code of the coupon in the field "Do you have any discounts?", just below the price of the ticket.

5-聽Click on "Validate" and finalize the purchase with the special price.

Ready to live happy moments!

In case you do not have a discount coupon in your possession, do not despair, you can still buy the ticket at a reduced price: 15 euros until June 5.

Thank you very much to all those who with sympathy and good vibes approached our happy stand in Mueca to fill us with energy and desire to convert Phe Festival in the best event of the summer.

A perfect vacation plan has never been so easy in Cross port.


  • Coupons/discount codes cannot be used at physical points of sale.
  • Coupons may contain a use-by date (in this case, May 22).
  • Discount coupons can be used to purchase a maximum of 5 tickets at a promotional price.

let's talk indie

does he have a future indie? If all that is not mainstream is indie, is it really a musical style with a defined aesthetic? Can a group or artist stop being indie? In recent years we have witnessed the apogee of this apolitical musical trend that has used the new distribution systems to reach a wider audience and has placed names like Franz Ferdinand, Wilco or Pixies, living with those of any world star of the pop or the rock. And all in a context in which there are innumerable media outlets and fanzines that have emerged under the umbrella of this genre.

Continue reading 芦Hablemos de indie禄

Puerto de la Cruz: tourism was born here

festivalgoer, because not everything is going to be music, sun and beach, we invite you to browse through the evolution of an authentic city that went from being a commercial port to the European center of tourism, and that today is reinventing itself to become referent of cultural tourism.

Not everyone knows it, but certainly Cross port it is loaded with history. Although it is now an 'alternative' vacation destination that offers the 21st century visitor unique and original experiences, this municipality in the north of Tenerife (the smallest on the island with 8.7 km2) was the place where tourism began in the Canary Islands in the first decades of the 19th century.

There are even those who say that this city was always touristy, even when what is now known as tourism did not exist. In fact, there are archaeological evidence 鈳糿ecropolises and burial caves鈳 that bear witness to how the island's aborigines, the guanchesThey moved to the coast of Orotava Valley in search of a more pleasant climate to spend the winter months. Come on, some precursors of tourism in high season.

And it is that when making trips for the pleasure of knowing other cultures, landscapes turned out to be exotic, and the spectacular nature of the natural environment, the mild climate and the sky of the Port had called the attention of many scientific expeditions who in the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century visited the island on their way to America, Africa or the East. You know why? Well, because of the proximity to which It was believed then that it was the highest mountain in the world, the Teide, venerated both by merchants and navigators as well as by travelers.

But the imposing volcano was not the only thing that allowed the development of tourism in the Canary Islands, and in particular in Puerto de la Cruz, since its geographical and historical singularities they made merits to lift him up in the number one of the tourist destinations par excellence, displacing Madeira and Europe.

From the first decades of the 19th century, and after the opening of the waters of the Atlantic at the end of the Napoleonic wars, British people with health problems began to arrive on the island in search of a climate that would better favor their convalescence, that is, a health resort. AND Cross port, at that time the main port of the island, became the first tourist destination in Tenerife and the Canary Islands.

One of the discoverers of the touristic and curative qualities of the Port was William Robert Wilde, one of the most recognized figures in medicine in Victorian Britain and father of writer Oscar Wilde. He made a visit to the valley of La Orotava and recommended Puerto de la Cruz as a better destination than Madeira and the Italian and French Rivieras, it was an unparalleled propaganda accolade for the city.

But therapeutic holidays were not the only objective of visitors to the municipality at that time. there was also 鈥渉ikers鈥 for leisure or pleasure. The historian Nicol谩s Gonz谩lez Lemus tells us that 鈥渋n 1848 a British expedition arrived from Madeira to take an excursion to Teide鈥. Long before the first tour organized by Thomas Cook to the Alps!

One could not speak of a tourist movement such as today, neither Tenerife nor the rest of the archipelago had a solvent accommodation infrastructure, and yet Cross port It had some hotel establishments. The first inn in the Canary Islands it was opened there in 1814 when an English carpenter rented a house on Zamora Street to make it the lodging place for many British people. And this was the origin of later significant projects that began to consider tourism as an economic activity, as is the case of the Marquesa, Monopol and Buenavista hotels and the representative Hotel Taoro.

The most significant of all was the first sanatorium of the Canary Islands to welcome sick tourists, the Hotel Orotava, which opened on September 12, 1886 as first Spanish tourist center in Europe with services designed to provide rest, comfort and personalized attention to foreign visitors.

It is from then on Puerto de la Cruz is consecrated as the first tourist enclave of the Canary Islands. Among the anecdotes that are told of the time, it is said that in the winter of 1887-1888 it was recorded the first overbooked of the history of tourism in the Canary Islands, given the success of the call of this city among British visitors.

Cross port then lived great moments. Today tourism has changed but the city continues to preserve an exuberant physical and natural setting, a temperate climate with warm summers and pleasant winters, a historic center where tradition and modernity coexist and a cultural offer that is more than attractive for those who are no longer satisfied with spend the holidays lying on the beach.聽

We notify: last day before the ticket price change

We know, you're being lazy. You still don't have your ticket for Phe Festival because you love that feeling of being overwhelmed when you leave everything to the last minute. But just in case you haven't heard, we'll let you know: today is the last day to get a ticket for only 15 euros before the price change! Take advantage of the reduced amount, since starting at 00:00 tomorrow Tuesday June 7th it will cost 20 euros.

There are still two months left for you to enjoy the best weekend of the summer in Cross port and that makes you doubt. But think that is more than enough time to prepare everything: accommodation, transport, what to carry in your backpack鈥 while you bet with your friends who will have the best direct yes Of faith, Cycle, The Red Room, Kostrok, Belako鈥 There are no excuses for some #holidaysforeveryone!

This will be the last price change until the day of the concert, the 6th August, where tickets can be purchased for 25 euros. Runs! Start doing the procedures on our page of tickets before it's too late for you.

But we still have more news for you. If you are one of those who do not have much feeling With online sales, you can now buy your ticket for #phefestival on physical points of sale*. Team FOR,聽Fitenia Surf Shop, The store,Space A and The Bullet Man in Santa Cruz; coffee seven, Don't Panic Showroom, Dicky Morgan Vintage Boutique & Gallery聽and Aguere Cultural Space In the lagoon;聽Blanco Bar, Korner Street Shop, NWC Skate, Ebano Cafe, Massive Bookstore and The Love Cats in Puerto de la Cruz; Quilombo Coffee in La Orotava;聽Eclectic Cafe in Candlemas; in addition to Auto Parts El Empalme SL聽and Glassware Drago SL, in Icod de los Vinos, will put on sale phelices tickets from Wednesday 8 of June. Of course, keep in mind that the price will already be 20 euros.

And if you prefer to get your ticket without leaving home, We have expanded the online points of sale! In addition to the usual method our web, you can get your tickets at, our official channel, and starting tomorrow on other platforms such as聽entrees,聽,聽ticketmaster,聽Tomaticket.es聽and聽Wegow. You see, all facilities so you can enjoy the best music experience with us this summer.

We want to see you on August 6 on the esplanade of the pier giving it your all!

*NOTE: If you have an establishment and want to join the official phelices ticket sales team, let us know; we put at your disposal on our website a contact form.

We play as a team with FanTeamz

We introduce you fanteamz, a meeting space for all festivalgoers that allows us, in a fun way, to share what we like.

We could try to convince you that Phe Festival It's going to be the bomb... But you already know that, and we want your collaboration so that all your friends and many more people find out. Team up! That is why we put at your disposal a game that has a prize.

You do not need to invest money, just a little weather and yours social media skills, and you will discover a couple of tricks and many advantages. Become a Phe Festival ambassador from and you will see that for us fans they have a exclusive treatment because they are the essence of this project.

On the page you will find fun and original tasks to get involved with us in promoting this happy event through Facebook and Twitter. Come on, a way to collaborate by doing and saying what you like, and on top of that you get a gift!

Do you want free tickets or meet one of the artists in our line-up? You just have to register and become a teamer from Phe Festival. That easy.

Welcome to fanteamz! Because you make this festival possible.

Crowdmerchan: building a happy community

There are things that do not fail in the festival universe, promotional and organizational actions common here and in China. From the bracelet more cool or the t-shirt with the logo we all collect them as a memory of the moments lived up to the VIP area. In Phe Festival we have one thing clear, we owe ourselves to the public that supports us and the environment that welcomes us, because they are the ones who will make it possible for our project to continue and grow in future editions. That is why we want to be different and this year instead of betting on a merchandise to use, we launch a new concept that we call 鈥渃rowdmerchan鈥.

With this word we are being very pretentious, yes. First of all, fantasizing about what we would like it to be Phe Festival on next editions, and then inventing (or not) an alternative way to promote and crowdfund the festival merging crowdfunding and merchandise. So the contributions received will be used so that we can put our happy grain of sand in the cultural offer of Cross port and Tenerife, in this and future editions.

we believe in make community and in that all the people who enthusiastically welcome our festival proposal are thereby expressing their聽commitment to the project. What does it mean? Well, by participating in our #crowdmerchan you are not only getting one of our keychains, t-shirts, eco bags, sweatshirts or cool backpacks to look the best outfits urban at any time, but you also become a illustrious patron of Phe.

We are sure that you will love our Crowd-Phe Cooperative, phenomenal packs to live and share a unique experience.

Ph is different, you make the difference.

Come to Phe with Telepizza: get your discount on admission and enjoy the best summer of your life

That the summer concert is held this year in Cross port it is a fact. Eight hours of indie, rock, dance and electro music that you won't miss. That's why we've partnered with telepizza to make you happier. So every time you order your favorite pizza or any of the products on the menu you will get a discount voucher that you can redeem when you buy your online tickets from Phe Festival.

Yes, you read it right. What do you fancy something classic like a Barbecue or a Carbonara? Do you want to try something new like Natura or Wok? What do you like more salads? make your order online, by phone or go to pizzerias in Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz and La Laguna (Taco and Avenida de la Trinidad) and get tickets for you and your friends with a 20% discount!

we want you to pass the best summer of your life, a perfect vacation plan in one of the best corners of the island, by the sea and in an environment where music will be the protagonist

If you want to know how to get a 20% discount on the price of tickets to Phe Festival, follow the steps shown below:

1-聽Enter the section TICKETS on our website where you can easily buy tickets thanks to

2-Choose the number of tickets you want to buy (up to a maximum of 10) and click 鈥淐ontinue鈥.

3-聽Sign in or register at Ticket. You can easily do it through Facebook.

4-聽In the right bar, in summary of the purchase, enter the promotional code that appears on the coupon that you will receive in telepizza in the 鈥淒o you have any discounts?鈥 field, just below the ticket price.

5-聽Click on "Validate" and finalize the purchase with the special price.

Ready for a happy summer with your friends!

In case you do not have a discount coupon in your possession, do not despair, you can still buy the ticket at a reduced price: 20 euros until August 5.


  • Coupons/discount codes cannot be used at physical points of sale.
  • Coupons may contain a use-by date.
  • Discount coupons can be used to purchase a maximum of 10 tickets at the promotional price.

Attention: we expand physical points of sale throughout the Canary Islands and the Peninsula

On Phe Festival We don't want you to miss out on enjoying the best musical summer of your life and that's why we've thought of everything you need to make it easy for you. If we already told you a few weeks ago that we had expanded online sales and that we also have physical points of sale in different municipalities of Tenerife, now we are delighted to announce that you have at your disposal to buy your tickets the entire network of offices Post, as well as establishments fnac, Hawk Travel and Carrefour Travel from all over Spain.

Now you really have no excuse to miss the happy moments that you will live with your friends in Cross port. Less than 50 days left!

Apart from our website, you will find locations of #phefestival throughout the Official Network of ticketmaster Spain, which includes its website (, the web portals of Fnac, Carrefour and Halc贸n Viajes, telephone sales at 902.150.025 and of course the physical points of fnac, Hawk Travel and Carrefour Travel.

You can also buy your ticket for Phe Festival on any post office of the Correos network thanks to the agreement they have with ticketbell. So we can boast of having points of sale throughout Spain!

And as if that were not enough, the sales portal entrees also distributes ticket sales at the May 3 Shopping Center and the El Trompo Shopping Center, with which we expanded our physical points of sale in Santa Cruz and La Orotava, respectively.

Do not wait any longer to enjoy the experience of Phe Festival in Puerto de la Cruz with spectacular live performances by great artists such as The Red Room, Cycle, Belako, Of faith, Kostrok or Red Beard buying your ticket for only 20 euros. Tick tock tick tock run!

More information about ticket sales at and


As you know, our colleague 鈥榩lug-in鈥 translator isn鈥檛 perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.