We notify: last day before the ticket price change

We notify: last day before the ticket price change

We know, you're being lazy. You still don't have your ticket for Phe Festival because you love that feeling of being overwhelmed when you leave everything to the last minute. But just in case you haven't heard, we'll let you know: today is the last day to get a ticket for only 15 euros before the price change! Take advantage of the reduced amount, since starting at 00:00 tomorrow Tuesday June 7th it will cost 20 euros.

There are still two months left for you to enjoy the best weekend of the summer in Cross port and that makes you doubt. But think that is more than enough time to prepare everything: accommodation, transport, what to carry in your backpack… while you bet with your friends who will have the best direct yes Of faith, Cycle, The Red Room, Kostrok, Belako… There are no excuses for some #holidaysforeveryone!

This will be the last price change until the day of the concert, the 6th August, where tickets can be purchased for 25 euros. Runs! Start doing the procedures on our page of tickets before it's too late for you.

But we still have more news for you. If you are one of those who do not have much feeling With online sales, you can now buy your ticket for #phefestival on physical points of sale*. Team FOR, Fitenia Surf Shop, The store, Space A and The Bullet Man in Santa Cruz; coffee seven, Don't Panic Showroom, Dicky Morgan Vintage Boutique & Gallery and Aguere Cultural Space In the lagoon; Blanco Bar, Korner Street Shop, NWC Skate, Ebano Cafe, Massive Bookstore and The Love Cats in Puerto de la Cruz; Quilombo Coffee in La Orotava; Eclectic Cafe in Candlemas; in addition to Auto Parts El Empalme SL and Glassware Drago SL, in Icod de los Vinos, will put on sale phelices tickets from Wednesday 8 of June. Of course, keep in mind that the price will already be 20 euros.

And if you prefer to get your ticket without leaving home, We have expanded the online points of sale! In addition to the usual method our web, you can get your tickets at Ticketea.com, our official channel, and starting tomorrow on other platforms such as entrees, ticketbell.com, ticketmaster, Tomaticket.es and Wegow. You see, all facilities so you can enjoy the best music experience with us this summer.

We want to see you on August 6 on the esplanade of the pier giving it your all!

*NOTE: If you have an establishment and want to join the official phelices ticket sales team, let us know; we put at your disposal on our website a contact form.

Attention: we expand physical points of sale throughout the Canary Islands and the Peninsula

On Phe Festival We don't want you to miss out on enjoying the best musical summer of your life and that's why we've thought of everything you need to make it easy for you. If we already told you a few weeks ago that we had expanded online sales and that we also have physical points of sale in different municipalities of Tenerife, now we are delighted to announce that you have at your disposal to buy your tickets the entire network of offices Post, as well as establishments fnac, Hawk Travel and Carrefour Travel from all over Spain.

Now you really have no excuse to miss the happy moments that you will live with your friends in Cross port. Less than 50 days left!

Apart from our website, you will find locations of #phefestival throughout the Official Network of ticketmaster Spain, which includes its website (ticketmaster.es), the web portals of Fnac, Carrefour and Halcón Viajes, telephone sales at 902.150.025 and of course the physical points of fnac, Hawk Travel and Carrefour Travel.

You can also buy your ticket for Phe Festival on any post office of the Correos network thanks to the agreement they have with ticketbell. So we can boast of having points of sale throughout Spain!

And as if that were not enough, the sales portal entrees also distributes ticket sales at the May 3 Shopping Center and the El Trompo Shopping Center, with which we expanded our physical points of sale in Santa Cruz and La Orotava, respectively.

Do not wait any longer to enjoy the experience of Phe Festival in Puerto de la Cruz with spectacular live performances by great artists such as The Red Room, Cycle, Belako, Of faith, Kostrok or Red Beard buying your ticket for only 20 euros. Tick tock tick tock run!

More information about ticket sales at phefestival.com/tickets/ and phefestival.com/points-of-sale/

Do you want to feel like a star? Find us at Mueca!

What Mueca It is one of the essential and unmissable events in the cultural calendar. It is not fictitious, it is real. His 15 years of life elevate him to the category of big stage. Its offer of street theater, dance, music, circus or plastic arts is a reflection of the varied and plural offer that tens of thousands of attendees enjoy each year. It is a festival with capital letters thanks to the variety of local, national and international shows that make up its program.

If the International Street Art Festival has such a wide offer, it is because Cross port It has everything and for everyone. AND Phe Festival will also be! We love Mueca and have the opportunity to live it from within and share it with your audience it is a fantastic experience.

We like to keep the good traditions and, as we did last year (remember our happy stand?), we join the Mueca program to make our particular festival presentation.

Do you know that your thing is to sing? Do you feel like a rock star in the shower? We trust like nobody else in your vocal technique, in that you play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix and we know that you can become our next headliner. Success is yours!

Look for us on the esplanade of the Casa de la Aduana, in the Fishing Pier, where you will learn first-hand all the information about Ph 2017 and where your opinion and participation will be fundamental. There you will find our fun photocall in which you will feel like a true artist between lights, applause and cheers!

We will be the Friday May 12 and Saturday May 13, accompanied by the Mueca playlist, with more than 150 songs, 10 hours of the best music as an appetizer of the greats live that we will enjoy on August 11 and 12 on the dock esplanade.

In addition, as we know that there is a great desire to Phe Festival, we will also install a point of sale for the subscription for the two days of live concerts at a launch price of 30 euros. What are you waiting for to go there?

If we know one thing for sure, it is that living and enjoying Mueca multiplies the Phe 2017 experience. See you in Mueca!


As you know, our colleague ‚Äėplug-in‚Äô translator isn‚Äôt perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.