Phe offers promotional flight packages, accommodation and tickets to destinations on the Peninsula for its fifth edition

Phe offers promotional flight packages, accommodation and tickets to destinations on the Peninsula for its fifth edition

The festival launches the 'Your first date with Phe' campaign at Fitur 2020, which also includes the offer between islands of the Archipelago Continue reading «Phe ofrece paquetes promocionales de vuelo, alojamiento y entradas a destinos de la Península para su quinta edición»

Phe 2020 commitments

May 6, 2020


Phe Festival cannot today confirm its celebration on the scheduled dates or on later ones this year. But it does not announce its cancellation either. The uncertainties caused by this enormous crisis are still many. It will depend entirely on the evolution of the pandemic and the economic and social situation in our environment during the de-escalation phases announced for the coming weeks.

What we can confirm are the commitments we have maintained since the first edition. With our public, all those people who have experienced it those years ago and hope to return in 2020. With Cross port as the mainstay that continues to be of this project and essential reference of our objectives. With the music industry and the culture sector in the Canary Islands, which now needs all the support and well-deserved recognition that society can give it. In this long list we can add especially to the City Hall Culture Area, to the sponsors, collaborators, companies, artists and workers that at some point they have also felt Phe Festival…

We will make the necessary effort so that this situation is resolved favorably while we continue to wait for the authorities to determine a legal framework that allows us to deal adequately with the commitments contractually acquired with the groups, suppliers and others.

We understand that the health and well-being of citizens must come first in any scenario and decision that is made. In case of cancellation or forced delay of the festival, we will contact all the people who have bought their subscription and offer them a refund of the amount or the change for a new date within the established legal deadlines with the greatest transparency.

A festival is already an event full of uncertainties that we try to face in the most positive way. All the more reason in the current situation. We believe that we must continue supporting live music, supporting the tourism sector in the islands and proposing more culture with sustainable attitudes.

We want thank you for the messages of encouragement that we have been receiving in these difficult times and to share that support as much as possible with everyone who is being most affected by this situation.

We count on you,
because we still have Phe.

Phe Gallery 2020 will feature 17 artistic proposals from the current Canarian scene

The collective exhibition, integrated into the programming of the fifth edition of Phe Festival, can be visited from August 7 to 29 at the Castillo San Felipe Cultural Space Continue reading «Phe Gallery 2020 contará con 17 propuestas artísticas de la escena canaria actual»

Phe 2020: a 'limited edition' to enjoy live music

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The third edition of Phe Gallery opens on Friday, August 7 with the work of 21 creators from the Canary Islands

The collective exhibition, which is exhibited at the Castillo San Felipe Cultural Space, premieres the Phe 2020 program Continue reading «La tercera edición de Phe Gallery se inaugura el viernes 7 de agosto con la obra de 21 creadores de Canarias»

Puerto de la Cruz presents the security and sanitary measures of Phe to guarantee a safe festival in its fifth edition

The organization and the City Council project an exhaustive protocol for access and development of the concerts at the Municipal Stadium El Peñón Continue reading «Puerto de la Cruz presenta las medidas de seguridad y sanitarias de Phe para garantizar un festival seguro en su quinta edición»

Phe incorporates cashless payment in its 2020 edition

Continue reading «Phe incorpora el pago cashless en su edición 2020»

Phe Festival and Puerto de la Cruz bet on live music

The fifth edition of the festival celebrates its two days of concerts on the 21st and 22nd at the El Peñón Municipal Stadium with the necessary health guarantees Continue reading «Phe Festival y Puerto de la Cruz apuestan por la música en directo»

Phe Festival will celebrate its sixth edition on August 20 and 21, 2021 in Puerto de la Cruz

The event is confirmed as one of the reference cultural events in the Canary Islands and makes the municipality a model in promoting the sector

After a limited edition that was developed this weekend in Puerto de la Cruz, Phe sets course for his sixth year and confirm on August 20 and 21, 2021 as the dates on which the live concerts will take place. The festival thus bids farewell to a very tight celebration in dimensions, marked by the new context, in which it has been adapted to the new health circumstances with an exhaustive protocol to ensure that attendees safely enjoy a unique cultural experience.

True to its original philosophy of combining music and trends in an innovative proposal, Phe Festival has closed a unique edition, not only because it was one of the few festivals to be held in Spain, consolidated as one of the outstanding cultural events in the Canary Islands, and confirming its commitment to turning Puerto de la Cruz into a benchmark for live music . But it has also been for the strengthening of Puerto de la Cruz as a model municipality in the development and promotion of the island's cultural and creative fabric. "We are very proud that the City Council has promoted the celebration of this unique edition that, due to its excellence, will be taken as a model for the celebration of other cultural events throughout the Canary Islands", stressed Mayor Marco González.

The public of Ph 2020 not only has he been able to enjoy the musical experience with a high-profile line-up in which names such as Sidonie, Novedades Carminha, Ginebras, Cupido, Hidrogenesse or The Levitants have shone, but also a set of original artistic and social proposals for a perfect plan vacation. A different entertainment experience, with a capacity of around 800 people, a pre-assigned seat and a mandatory mask, in a venue – the El Peñón Municipal Stadium. adapted to the health prevention and safety measures required by the regulations. Sustainable practices, a yoga meeting and a collective exhibition have integrated the Phe program in its most complex year, thus maintaining the spirit of the summer festival that characterizes it.

The sample Phe Gallery, which brings together the work of more than 20 artists from the Canary Islands, will remain open until August 29 during the regular hours of the Espacio Cultural Castillo San Felipe, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday.

With the values and commitments acquired, Phe Festival a fifth edition ends with expectations fulfilled. An achievement that would not have been possible without the involvement of the Puerto de la Cruz City Council, whom the festival wishes to thank for its support, as well as all the institutions, sponsors and collaborators, all the residents of the municipality, and the public for their collaboration and responsibility with health measures.

Integrated into the 2020 Cultural Strategy promoted by the Puerto de la Cruz Culture area, Phe Festival is organized and directed by Phenomenal Studio and Imoa Productions, is promoted by the Puerto de la Cruz City Council and is sponsored by the Government of the Canary Islands ( General Directorate of Youth and Canary Islands Culture in Network), Cabildo de Tenerife, Ideo Foundation and Urban Development Consortium for the Rehabilitation of Puerto de la Cruz. Among the collaborators and sponsors highlighted in this edition are Aqualia, Hyundai, Mapfre, Coca Cola, Red Bull, Fuentealta, Hemispheria, TITSA, Ecoembes, Ecovidrio, Red Cross, Lalyflor, Radio 3, Cine Yelmo, Gente Radio, Lagenda and Tenerife. News.


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