Phe offers promotional flight, accommodation and ticket packages in the Canary Islands for its 2019 edition

Phe offers promotional flight, accommodation and ticket packages in the Canary Islands for its 2019 edition

脕ngel Stanich, Carolina Durante, Los Punsetes, Delaporte and Locoplaya, first confirmations of the festival that will be held on August 23 and 24 Continue reading 芦Phe ofrece paquetes promocionales de vuelo, alojamiento y entradas en Canarias para su edici贸n de 2019禄

Phe Club brings Alejandro Paz's alternative electronic music to La Laguna this Saturday

Pdrs.a accompanies the Chilean musician and DJ on the poster of this second date of the festival circuit that will take place at Trash Club Continue reading 芦Phe Club lleva este s谩bado a La Laguna la electr贸nica alternativa de Alejandro Paz禄

Phe Festival reaffirms its sustainable commitment

On the occasion of World Environment Day we remember and declare good intentions for the fourth edition of the festival and all those to come in Puerto de la Cruz, hoping that they will be many and successful鈥


鈥淜eep your love for nature, because it is the true way of understanding art.鈥

Van Dick de Jong.


Phe Festival has declared itself from the beginning as an inspiring festival, dedicated not only to music but to trends in their broadest sense. The entire team behind the project believes that sustainability and care for the environment is an ideal goal to turn into a way of life, in reality, the most urgent of trends since it is the most necessary and vital of all.

Our growth is slow, but every year we challenge ourselves to improve in all possible aspects. Thanks also in part to the collaboration of all the phellowers who give us their pheedback through the form that we publish every year at the end of the festival. In this edition we have a new team that fully joins in just for the coordination of this entire area that also grows along with the festival.

separate to recycle

We promote the selective collection of waste at different points of the festival to reduce the amount of garbage and encourage recycling. The collaboration with Ecoembesand Ecovidrio and your participation by throwing garbage in the appropriate landfills will help us take care of the environment while enjoying the festival.

In the enclosure you can also find a composter for organic food waste, etc. in the food area.

We also weigh the different types of waste to think of new ways not only to recycle but also to reduce their generation.

Remember that鈥

Yellow: light packaging (plastic, cans, etc).

Blue: for paper and cardboard.

Green: just glass.

Conventional: other remains

Composter: organic matter for composting.

An ephemeral venue designed to surprise

Our furniture and decoration are 100% sustainable, they are completely ecological or recycled materials, reused and transformed furniture, canvases from previous events converted into puffs filled with clean plastics collected by collaborating businesses, pallets... the bulbs and decorative lights are rechargeable or solar powered .

This year as a novelty there will be small models of solar panels for electricity self-sufficiency during the day at points such as ticket offices, bars, shops, etc. It is also planned to provide a water point for free use by the public, which can cool off in hot hours.

Turning something used into something new and different is also an art form. From the organization we promote this type of action by creating our festival space with materials used from other editions, recycled and reinvented. All this to transform an apparently inhospitable space like the esplanade of the quay, which during the rest of the year serves as nothing more than a car park.

Moving also leaves a mark

We want to reduce the footprint we leave on the environment when we move, trying to make as few trips as possible and by car sharing.

From the organization we will do everything in our power to facilitate access and parking, as well as reward those who leave zero footprint in our environment, moving to the festival by bike, skate, skate...

We encourage you to use public transport or share a car, even using collaborative internet platforms such as Blablacar, Amovens or Wonowo.

Responsible and local suppliers

We promote the good things that our land has and that is why we like to work with local suppliers that also have a responsible culture towards the environment. Both the supply for the backstage and for the staff come from local caterers with km 0 products.

In addition, this year we will again have different recycling and awareness workshops in the area outside the venue, conveying the message not only to festivalgoers but to all passers-by who come in a pleasant and active way.

Social integration of minority groups

We favor accessibility for people with disabilities as well as specially prepared spaces so that their participation in the festival is safe and they enjoy greater enjoyment from an elevated platform to watch the concerts with peace of mind.

We offset our carbon footprint

Planting a tree is sowing awareness.

Every year we take accounts to find out what the festival's carbon footprint has been, that is, its impact on the environment and offset it to nature. We will evaluate the consumption of water, electricity, gasoline, etc., and based on the result of these calculations, the action of planting its equivalent in trees will be carried out with the support of local associations and institutions.


If you want to be part of our sustainable project and consider yourself a person with motivation, ideas聽聽and concern for the environment; If you want to enjoy the festival while being part of the team and taking care of the environment, go to our website and fill in the form to be a volunteer at Phe Festival and create an unforgettable experience.

Phe Sports: sport and summer hand in hand in Puerto de la Cruz

With prizes valued at more than 鈧5,000, the winners will travel to the O Marisqui帽o Festival in 2020, one of the most important urban culture and action sports festivals in the country

Continue reading 芦Phe Sports: deporte y verano de la mano en Puerto de la Cruz禄

Phe Festival bets on the zero footprint

The fourth edition of the event with music and trends will carry out workshops, a clean-up at Playa Jard铆n and recycling and waste reduction actions in collaboration with Fuentealta, Cabildo, the City Council and the Red Cross

Continue reading 芦Phe Festival聽apuesta por la huella cero禄

Trends that fall in love in the #TercerSummerofLove

Phe Festival continues betting on trends in its fourth edition, expanding the already varied offer of the Phe Market Town to include irrevent and innovative proposals, also in trends.

Fashion, decoration, accessories and even books await you at #Phe2019, all in an environment decorated with recycled furniture from previous editions of the festival. Shall we review everything that we can see in the venue on August 23 and 24? Here we go!


Simple lines, Asian inspiration and lots of laughs; this is Afrique&Danilow. Head over to Phe Festival's Market Town to check out their cool t-shirts, totes, prints and accessories.


Avelinas is a vintage fashion firm, founded in London and with headquarters in Tenerife. Many of their products are unique and work with firms such as Levi's, Ralph Lauren or Adidas, giving a second life to the fashion of the past.


This project based in Gran Canaria seeks to offer an alternative in casual clothing and accessories brands, exclusive products with a common denominator: ecological fabric (organic or recycled) and fair trade, with GOTS, Fair Wear and Oeko Tex certification, among others.


Trust, Pussy is presented to the world through t-shirts, hoodies, bags, buttons, temporary tattoos and postcards. This brand works as a cry to inspire and generate personal and social transformations, a manifesto in defense of confidence and the power of the feminine.


A benchmark store and gallery in Tenerife, Dicky Morgan is a reflection of the freshest and most carefree local culture. Its selection of garments and accessories have been talking for a long time given its personal character, and a style that moves between vintage clothing and more fashionable fashionable and current.


This young brand designs and produces articles in a traditional and local way with a minimalist and timeless style, giving maximum attention to detail, and also gives us the possibility of being able to adapt each product to our needs, turning these elements into something very practical.


Visual artist, since 2016 she has been using the digital collage technique as a form of expression. The manipulation of images is the support of his iconoclastic, irreverent and sarcastic discourse, which leaves no viewer indifferent.聽



Qu铆quere ecobags is a Canarian brand dedicated to the design and development of textile proposals, mainly ecobags, with the aim of offering an attractive and useful alternative to the use of plastic. Environmentally responsible, its activity has a direct impact on the Canarian economy.


In addition to all these inspiring projects, there will be vinyl, books and vintage decoration that will complete the varied and fun offer of Phe Market Town for this 2019.



What does #Phe2019 taste like? Discover everything that awaits you at Phe Food!

We know that music feeds the soul but we will have to eat, right? Because we know that you don't just live on music and because we like to enjoy the great pleasure of gastronomy, we invite you to discover the wide range of PheFood for this # Third Summer of Love that includes vegan and gluten-free options that you can pair with a phenomenal sensation of drinks and cocktails.

Heartbreak in advance with all the delicious options from our food trucks for #Phe2019:


The gastronomic avant-garde arrives this year at Phe Festival with the proposal of 脡chale Mojo Foodtruck but if what you want is to travel you can do it trying the appetizing popular Argentine sandwiches, with the careful Mexican cuisine of Con Lim贸n y Sal or with the menu of sandwiches and dogs inspired by the Hawaiian cuisine of Ukelele Foodtruck .

Chiipsy offers you the classic french fries with a thousand with delicious and original sauces. In addition, wraps and chicken burgers from La Qu铆cara share space with gourmet grilled products from Ra铆ces Foodtruck and fresh chicken skewers from Street Food..

because enjoy Phe Festival Without meat it is possible, Burger Mel, Wakanda GastroPub and The Dog is Hot offer colorful and tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes to fill your stomach between concerts.

And for dessert? The sweet touch is provided by Poleto Gelato with its refreshing artisanal ice creams, Le Monde Foodtruck Crepes with its sweet and savory menu, and Starbucks coffee and pastries.

Skaters and riders defy the rules in Phe

Joelcamacho,GiveiordariasandPabloKropThey werethewinnersfromthecompetitionsfromPhe FestivalSports2019

Continue reading 芦Skaters y riders desaf铆an las normas en Phe禄

When Delaporte makes you dance...

Ph 2019 has left the aftertaste of the great festivals. It is a living sample, still in the expansion phase (the expectations for future editions are increasing), but it closes a new chapter (in the epilogue of its fourth edition) with the solvency of a duty fulfilled: good musical offer, parallel activities of height, organizational capacity and a generous public response (10,000 people in total between the days of Friday and Saturday).

In the sample of cultural events in the Canary Islands, this Porto event has been established with fire that drops anchor in the month of August but that haunts the collective imagination of thousands of people almost throughout the year. Phe Festival it is a meeting point, it is the aftertaste of wanting to return; is a red dot on the calendar. Festive red, of course.

Phe Festival it has many axes. The first, the public. Every more numerous and at the same time more and more family. There are the residents and businesses in the area, who live in harmony, and collaborate, with an event that for a few days modifies their daily reality. And there is the City Council of Puerto de la Cruz, armored in its firm commitment to the continuity and improvement of the festival.

On this basis, it only remains for the artists to raise the bar to the highest. And so it happened on Friday, and so it happened on Saturday. With absolutely superlative moments, like when Delaporte took over the stage after a quarter past nine at night and made the whole venue dance. The abduction of the hips, ankles and knees. Impossible not to give fire to the body to the rhythm of Sandra and Sergio; a sweet and energetic dictatorship.

Perhaps it was the high point of the night, in the middle of almost everything, when 脕ngel Stanich had performed before, in addition to GAF and Not a number, and when Carolina Durante, Mueloreina and WAS still had to come on stage. The public danced, jumped, sang... from the intense pop-rock of the Durante and with the challenging proposal of the Mueveloreina, so different from each other that perhaps the only point in common was, once again, the generation of good moments. Joy time, festival time. The battle that Phe has been winning since its first edition.

The fifth edition of Phe Festival will be held on August 21 and 22, 2020 in Puerto de la Cruz

The festival closes a historic edition with more than 10,000 attendees and reaffirms its position as one of the musical and social events in the Canary Islands

Continue reading 芦La quinta edici贸n de Phe Festival se celebrar谩 el 21 y 22 de agosto de 2020 en Puerto de la Cruz禄


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