Innovation and culture are the stars of Phe Creative as a preview of the concerts at the Puerto de la Cruz festival

The meeting is part of the parallel programming of Phe Festival  and will take place on August 23 at the Cultural Space Castle

Phe Creative will bring together on August 23 leading professionals from the innovation and the culture to reflect and share knowledge in a day full of activities that will take place in the Cultural Space Castle starting at 10:00. Phe Festival thus maintains the cultural proposals that it has been developing in anticipation of the days of concerts, which will be held on August 24 and 25 in the venue installed on the esplanade of the Puerto de la Cruz pier.

Under these premises, Phe develops a program of actions open to the dialogue on aspects of interest related to innovation, cultural projects and their implications with the tourism. All this from an approach playful and relaxed, in accordance with the values promoted by the festival. Thus, Phe Creative wants to be a relaxed approach, without losing its informative character, which facilitates the debate around the Projects management cultural, the transformation of the environment and its implications for tourism.

Phe Talks proposes, starting at 8:00 p.m., an open dialogue on social innovation and creativity in all its expressions. Presented by Gerardo Cardboard, music advisor, writer and producer, it is a series of live video conversations in which questions about innovation and creativity in the improvement processes in cultural and social projects will be addressed with different guests. Nadia Leal, journalist and music critic for the publication NEO2, will talk about the transformation from communication while Roger Planas, one of the directors of the Lateral Thinking agency, will talk about the use of marketing to create unique experiences. Completing the session, Gerardo Cartón proposes a close talk with Joan Vic, artistic director of the FIB Festival Internacional de Benicassim, a benchmark festival in Spain, where they will reflect on the success of their model over the years.

The workshops Family Djing and Virtual Reality will open the day early from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Two proposals designed for enjoy with family and thus get closer to the potential of entertainment technologies. In the afternoon, at 6:00 p.m., the meeting Phe Kuchas will open a space for the presentation of various innovative, cultural and entrepreneurial projects in a brief, direct and informal format that promises to excite us with fresh and transformative ideas.

The day will end outside the castle with a session of networking, starting at 10:00 p.m., a meeting that will offer the opportunity to come into contact with professionals in the sector, establish collaborative networks, exchange opinions and share doubts in a changer, renovating, constructive and dynamic environment.

After that time you can also visit the collective exhibition Phe Gallery installed in the Cultural Space Castle from the beginning of the month, at night and accompanied by several of the participating artists, thus allowing the public to learn about the works and motivations of its protagonists.

Information on schedules, activities and participants of Phe Creative is available on the web as well as on the Phe Festival social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube). Attendance at the meeting is open to the public and free until full capacity is reached.

Lhe festival concerts will be held on August 24 and 25 at the venue installed on the esplanade of the Puerto de la Cruz pier with a line-up of artists that highlights important national and international references such as Dorian, El Columpio Asesino, Nathy Peluso, Carlos Sadness, La Bien Querida or Pedrina. Tickets are already on sale on the website itself. and on the platform

Phe Festival is organized and directed by Phenomenal Studio and Imoa Productions, and is sponsored by the Puerto de la Cruz City Council, the Government of the Canary Islands, Tenerife Tourism and the Puerto de la Cruz Rehabilitation Consortium, and with the collaboration of other organizations , entities and companies, such as Heineken, Levi's or Ecoembes.





As you know, our colleague 'plug-in' translator isn't perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.


As you know, our colleague ‘plug-in’ translator isn’t perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.