Phe Food: eat and sing!

Phe 2021 - Phe Food

Phe Food: eat and sing!

The wise Spanish proverb says that an empty belly, a joyless heart and a full belly, a happy heart, and we are not going to contradict some phrases that, although topical, are sufficiently tested to be able to discuss them now. On Phe Festival we want happy people, period. People who are happy and nourished in body and soul, so one of our great concerns has been to ensure a gastronomic offer that will alleviate our existential and emotional worries, at least during that weekend. We also know that everyone has their preferences when it comes to things to eat and in our desire to be inclusive in all aspects of life, we have tried to ensure that, whatever you eat, you can find it in our gastronomic space. May you not lack glory!

This year, a pandemic obliges, and still waiting for what the evolution of the regulations and the health crisis brings us, we have decided to adopt some measures that make Phe Festival a safe place and living proof that holding events of this type is possible, always responsibly. For this reason, we have set up an outdoor terrace in an area annexed to the concert area, where we can have a drink and access a varied gastronomic offer as well as a selection of brands that will make up our market and which we will talk about soon.

Go salivating now with what we have prepared:


unique hot dogs and of excellent quality, some spicy or not-so-spicy nachos and a vegan and vegetarian option. And the bread… what bread, gentlemen!


A quality burger? The juiciness of the black pig meat is the classic among the classics of street food. You can choose between normal bread or black bread, or we can also send you one of each, there is time!


Thinking of a sweet choripán with its tasty chimichurri makes us hungry whatever the time of day. The classic roast stuffed in bread, or a good barbecue also in a sandwich and its vegan or plate option. The Argentinian foodtruck prepares the latest trends in Argentine street food and also the most traditional.


Vanguard, care and quality. Street food with first class products and Canarian soul and an undisputed protagonist: the potato. Any way to cook this classic of our gastronomy, Monica will have already thought of it before. And for the dessert hole, the wonderful brownie.


The roast leg It is a very typical enyesque, but it still works. Are you going to say no to a tasty sandwich of leg and yellow cheese or to a good tapa with its crispy crust?


Crepes, bubble waffles, waffles, milk shakes, smoothies... If you know what they are, it's because you like them. The sweetest part of Phe, with its high-quality ingredients and all the care in the world in its preparations, in this creperie on wheels.


We do not want to be heavy, but remember that you will not be allowed to eat or drink in the concert area and that, in compliance with current regulations, the restaurant area will have limited capacity. You're going to help us make it all work out, right? We have Phe in you.



As you know, our colleague 'plug-in' translator isn't perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.


As you know, our colleague ‘plug-in’ translator isn’t perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.