Thunder Heats Phe Festival

Trueno en Phe Festival 2023

Thunder Heats Phe Festival

The festival bets on the Argentine rapper and singer, an unstoppable phenomenon of the urban genre that will perform for the first time in the Canary Islands on August 19

The author of incendiary pieces such as 'Fuck el Police', in collaboration with Cypress Hill, and hits of the caliber of 'Dance Crip', 'Atrevido' or 'Mamichulo' completes the second day of concerts scheduled in Puerto de la Cruz 

The sharp verb of Trueno, the alias of the rapper, singer and freestyler Argentinian Mateo Palacios Corazzina (La Boca, Buenos Aires, 2002), will be very present at the eighth edition of the Phe Festival, which will be held the next August 18 and 19 in Puerto de La Cruz. The Argentine rapper has become an unstoppable phenomenon of urban music, and will set foot on a Canarian stage for the first time on Saturday, August 19, on the second and last day of concerts at the Porto festival. A bet of the organization of Phe Festival 2023 that places the author of Dance Crip,  Daring, Fuck the Police, We went out at night, Buenos Aires on fire or Background  as an outstanding headliner among a cast of artists who navigate the eclectic sound palette offered this year by the Phe Festival.

Trueno's passage through Tenerife is one of the dates of the tour Right or wrong Tour 2023 in which the Argentine artist has been presenting the repertoire of his second album Right or wrong, which was published in May of last year. His debut came at the age of 18 with the album Bold, an accurate statement of intent by a singer who was on his way to having the world in the palm of his hand. A challenge that Trueno lacks, according to the notable success that his songs have found among an audience fascinated by his proposal. A star with all the letters, with a short but productive and successful career -with several nominations and a Latin Grammy last year for the album daring live, awarded in the last two editions of the Gardel Awards, among other recognitions-, who knows what he sings and knows the path he is traveling, and who balances his musical discourse among all the sound variants that spring from the sweetest continent: rap, funk, salsa, all of this is handled in Trueno. Puerto de la Cruz will witness a live show that seems spectacular, and that due to expectations will foreseeably be one of the concerts to highlight in the historic Phe Festival.

The visit to the Canary Islands is the second part of a tour that will take the already planetarium kid from the La Boca neighborhood, after passing through the Phe Festival 2023, to places like Seville, Pontevedra and Granada. Last June, he already turned the national stages upside down in which he realized the potential of his elastic flow during his time at Primavera Sound, in Barcelona and Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Malaga, Seville and Granada, where he is repeating now in summer. 

Thunder is the mirror of the street, of the neighborhood, of its people and its luck. His career began long before he reached the age of majority, at the age of 14, when he dared to fight cockfights among easy-talking youngsters with artistic aspirations. The family environment was decisive in his interest in music. Son of Juliana Corazzina and Pedro Palacios, the Uruguayan rapper MC Peligro, formerly of the group Diferentes Attitudes Juveniles and leader of the artistic collective Sur Capital Clika, who was the one who plunged him into the world of hip hop; and grandson, through his father, of Yamandú Palacios, a musician linked to popular circles and who shared the stage with Alfredo Zitarroza, Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquín Sabina. 

The applicant abandoned his condition years ago and as a result of a meteoric career he is today an outstanding part of the Olympus of Argentine rap and trap that has Bizarrap as a great reference. Before recording albums, two studio and one live, and doubling down on multiple collaborations, the Argentine's verb began to break loose in cockfighting. In this rapper circuit in Buenos Aires, he covered himself with stripes until in 2019 he won the scepter of champion of the contest organized by Red Bull. A freestyler street that soon found the north and the vocation. In 2017, he had released the theme KING, his debut in music under the Neuen record label, but it was in 2019 when things would change direction. With this same label and with Sony distribution it arrived the following year Bold, a collection of songs created during the coronavirus pandemic, in which the rapper's influences are evident, what his weapons are and who he is aiming for.

Bizarrap's Hand

The sessions of freestyle that Trueno did with Bizarrap were a notable boost in popularity, as well as songs of the type mamichula, with Bizarrap and Nicki Nicole, which in six months exceeded 220 million views on the YouTube platform. 

And it is that as the singer proudly remembers in Fuck the Police: "If Thunder says hip, the whole neighborhood hops". An assertion that is verified in what happens in each of his concerts, and what the Phe Festival 2023 will witness, and in the more than five and a half million subscribers on YouTube and the almost seven million that the artist adds on Instagram.

Fuck the Police is one of the thick themes of his second and last Right or wrong (2022), which contains hits like Argentina, with Nathy Peluso; Panama, with Duki; jungle, with Randy and Bizarrap; One step, with J. Balvin; I have it, Just for you or Dance Crip, generous funk rap tribute to one of his clear influences, Ilya Kuriaki & The Valderramas, jugglers of hip hop, funk, rock and dance-pop, with a final sample of the phrasing of cool. We must not forget the repertoire with which Thunder was discovered three years ago now, which will surely have an echo in Puerto de la Cruz: Bold, the album and theme, and others from the cut of Cucumelo, Background, Ñeri; Bleeding, with Wos, where he stated emphatically "whether you like it or not we are the new rock and roll, boy"; and the classic mamichula, with Nicky Nicole. 

Is Fuck the Police the penultimate shot by Trueno that had been shaking the networks since the end of July: a remix with Cypress Hill, a band from California and hip hop leaders since the late 80s and authors of I wanna get high and Insane in the brain. Another notch in the revolver of the Argentine rapper, of attitude and trend, to which are added collaborations with the best players in the world urban league, and other triumphs linked to his time at the Lollapalooza festivals in Chile, Vive Latino in Mexico or the Argentine Quilmes Rock Festival; and share the stage with the British band Gorillaz singing a duet Clint Eastwood with Damon Albarn. 

With Thunder the Phe Festival will put an end to plus 20 hours of live music scheduled at the Puerto de la Cruz venue on Friday, August 18 and Saturday, August 19, and on whose stage legends of dance music and electronic culture will perform, such as the British Orbital; and a wide catalog of proposals of different octane and style that have as protagonists The Reytons, Natalia Lacunza, Arde Bogotá, Second, Jimena Amarillo, Sexy Zebras, Bala, Rocío Saiz, Adora, Antiplancton, Shinova, Rocío Márquez & Bronquio, Morreo , Ghouljaboy, Hoonine and Zurych. 

Subscriptions and tickets per day to attend the festival are on sale on the platform

Phe Festival is organized by Phe Team with the support of the Culture area of the Puerto de la Cruz City Hall. It also has the sponsorship of the Government of the Canary Islands through the Canarian Institute for Cultural Development and the General Directorate of Youth, Canary Islands Tourism, as well as the Cabildo de Tenerife through its cultural and tourism management entities. The brands and companies Heineken Silver, Deichmann, Aqualia, Hospiten, Ikea, Levi's, Vans, Gordon's, Pepsi, Schweppes, Jägermeister, Ron Guajiro, Fuente Alta, Grupo Rahn, Labrador Cepsa Puerto de la Cruz, Vuse also collaborate. , Alehop, Isola, La Fast, Libby's. Collaborations in the mobility sector are grateful to Fred Olsen and Titsa. And in the local hotel field they have the support of the establishments Atlantic Mirage Suites & Spa (Macaronesian Hotels), Grupo Pez Azul, Atypicap, AFHoteles, Alua Soul Orotava Valley, Dwo Nopal, Hotel Marte and Skyview Hotel. 



As you know, our colleague 'plug-in' translator isn't perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.


As you know, our colleague ‘plug-in’ translator isn’t perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.