Phe Gallery 2023


sixth edition

Open Call / Open Call

Call for proposals from emerging artists in the Canary Islands focused on the sixth edition of the collective exhibition Phe Gallery: painting, sculpture, graffiti, installations, photography, illustration, video art, performance...

(*site specific or newly produced work with the option of financing support).

Call open until June 9.

Bases of the call

The projects may be based on any discipline or form of plastic or visual expression with no more limits than those generated by the infrastructures or exhibition spaces. Those who reflect on contemporary art will be especially taken into account, highlighting aspects related to sustainability and our social context.

Curated in this edition by Beatriz Roca, together with a curatorial team, the exhibition will be made up mainly of a selection of the works received through the registration form on the festival's website.

Participants can be individual artists or a group of artists, who must present a portfolio that will include photographs of the work/s, a brief description of them, and a resume.

All participants must be of legal age. 

Interested artists must take into account the presentation of the documentation and the works will be in digital format through the participation form. The registration period ends on Friday, June 9, 2023. 

The personal data requested to take part in this call will be treated in accordance with the legal regulations for the protection of personal data.

Phe Festival may disseminate those texts and images provided for the selection of works and participants only for promotional purposes of the call and planned group exhibition.

The works that are presented must be original, and must not imply, in whole or in part, a copy or plagiarism of other artists.

  • There is no limit to the imagination or the number of works to present.
  • The selected artists will have the possibility of selling the exhibited works.
  • The organization will publish a digital catalog with all the selected works and the promotional information and contact of their authors.

In addition to the Castillo de San Felipe as the main venue for the exhibition, in this sixth edition we want to open other complementary spaces in the city, intervening in attached places, such as phellower shop windows, generating an artistic tour.

Our intention with this initiative is to open the gaze of the spectator, the passerby, the public to different spaces that can be artistically intervened, in the same way that it is intended to play visually with innovative artistic proposals.

Complete the form and tell us about your project!

Questions and queries:

Registration form

Attach your portfolio / dossier of the artistic proposal (PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG - 10MB max.)*
*The asterisk indicates that the field is required


adriana glez


Ana Beltra

Aurembiaix Ainsa

Carla Marzan


Edward Hodgson

Emma Martin


Gaia Florina

Javier Caldes

Jorge Mendez

Julia Maria Martin


Lucia Dorta Abad


relational space

Friday, August 5 and 12 - 7:00 p.m.
San Felipe Castle, Luis Lavaggi Street 10, Puerto de la Cruz

Anibal Llarena & Dani G. Baez

dani ache

Juan Labory


Margot Machado

Mario Varela

Elisa Castro Horemans y Bárbara Narelys Hernández Calero

healing team








As you know, our colleague 'plug-in' translator isn't perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.


As you know, our colleague ‘plug-in’ translator isn’t perfect, but Its good enough to get a rough idea of how cool PHE FESTIVAL is ;)

In case you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or social media.