Los Planetas

Precursors par excellence of indies in spanish and in a state of grace after almost three decades of career, Los Planetas they are unfathomable for their unique way of looking at music. They come to Phe 2022 to sing to us what they have felt, thought, kept silent and said from the beginning of the nineties until today. They will present their latest album 'The Songs of the Water', a brilliant jet of pop-rock and flamenco psychedelia, a trademark of the house, a flow from that spring from which so many groups drank and continues its course today, as authentic as the first day. Unpredictable and essential, but without losing the essence of a rock group from a small city in the south of a small country on a small planet in a small universe. Nothing more and nothing less.

Instituto Mexicano del Sonido

Thanks to its committed lyrics, vindictive messages and electronic music that is as unclassifiable as it is inimitable, this project, which has proven to be an international shock wave, returns this summer to the Spanish stages on its European tour with that unmistakable and festive mix of electro- cumbia that does not disappoint.

Xoel López

An essential artist on the Spanish and Latin American scene, his music is defined by genuine landscapes. Each of his albums is an exercise in creative freedom and at the same time an almost biographical chapter. Following his recording career we can reconstruct an exciting journey of travel, discoveries, influences and nostalgia. Unprejudiced, free and energetic, Xoel comes to Phe to offer an experience of high emotional intensity.

Las Dianas

Capable of penetrating souls, shutting up mouths and leaving others completely open, the Grenadians arrive in Puerto de la Cruz to present 'Lo que te requested el cuerpo', a debut album that compiles the adolescent stories of one of the freshest and youngest groups in the national scene. Catchy, powerful and moving songs not suitable for opaque and modest consciences.

The Parrots

Sounds we found on their second album 'Two', an album with hymns worthy of being sung at the top of your lungs, as is 'Damned', single produced in collaboration with C.Tangana. After invading much of the international scene, performing throughout Europe and the United States, in this new stage Diego Garcia and Alex de Lucas they venture into unexpected territories with a live performance in which the fun, sweat and revolutionary guitar blasts that represent us so much never fail.


With seven albums behind him and countless concerts, Kokoshca is that band that looks to the wild east when all the others look to the west, a stroke of genius that sounds like pop and garage punk. Behind that cocky and unapologetic image that has even led them to reformulate the 'Hymn of Spain', there is a sensitivity and special ability for the melodies and stories that they present to us on their latest album, titled as its own name, a resounding work , vital and tremendously contagious.


from Vigo, dani (Daniela Díaz Costas) has become the new pop revelation. A composer and performer who walks the most velvety and intimate paths of contemporary pop. With his proposal he fuses the past of singers like Jeanette or Jane Birkin, with a modern and excellent production. A sound amalgam that shines on their acclaimed debut album 'Twenty' (2020, El Volcán Música). It is the project Capable of combining melancholy, tenderness and good energy, its songs, which have already accumulated millions of reproductions, are a sign that elegance and freshness, talent and lightness can be combined, as well as a reflection of the personality of its author, praised by music critics. His festival tour will stop at the concert venue of Phe 2022 with what will be his first concert in the Canary Islands.

The Weeird

Influenced by the sound of the 80's and 90's, it is inspired by the Manchester sound. It is currently formed by David Cuesta, Marcos Hdez and Enrique Dâlu.

Mollo & The Freestyle Poodoo Experts

Afternoons of spirited jams in front of the Atlantic horizon were the seed of powerful riffs where direct songs germinated, without complexes or flourishes. Mollo has already prepared his assault on the stage of Phe Festival 2022 and promises to take us with his direct to the viscera of the wildest classic rock seasoned with a few grams of soul and funk.


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